Sadly, some of the items are NOT really that good, and when you get them, you feel kind of bummed that you got that item. Hey, I'm IggyKoopa408, and here are my Top 10 WORST Smash Bros Items.

Number 10: The Cloaking Device.

The first item on this list comes from Super Smash Bros Melee. You know what? This item only appears in that single game. It never returned after that entry. The reason is simple: it's pretty much useless. The Cloaking Device allows you to become invisible. The problem is that this is an unfair item, as you won't be able to see opponents if they use it. Why do you need it?

Number 9: The Cracker Launcher.

The next item on this list is also only present in one single game. The Cracker Launcher only appears in Super Smash Bros Brawl. You want to know why? This item is also an unfair item. This item shoots fireworks at other players and does a lot of damage (up to 20% damage). I just can't believe this item is overpowered. Thank God Sakurai removed this awful and unfair item after Brawl.

Number 8: Mr. Saturn.

You really want to get a good item, and then you get Mr. Saturn. What does he do, you may ask? He knocks back other players, but does very little damage. He can break shields just like the much better Fan item, but that doesn't even get him off this list. He's far from being the WORST Smash Bros Item ever, but he is also really far from being a GOOD one. He's just really pointless.

Number 7: The POW Block.

The next item on this list is a newcomer on to Smash Bros, and it has a very decent purpose at first. The POW Block is supposed to hit the other opponents by tossing them into the air, just like it would a Blue Shell in Mario Kart Wii. The problem lies in the fact that this item can be avoided if your opponents are in the air (for example: if you jump or shoot yourself out of a cannon). And that's not all. When the POW Block gets ready to hit you, if you get a Starman or put up your shield at the correct timing, you can avoid it altogether! That's so dumb what good is an item that can easily be avoided by.... just jumping into the air? It's a nice try though, POW Block. Seriously, this item needs its weaknesses removed, or it can just get removed entirely.

Number 6: The Boomerang Flower.

The next item is also a newcomer to Smash Bros. The Boomerang Flower allows you to throw a Boomerang at other players and knock them back. The problem is that this item won't let you get another item until it is gone, and you have to let it fly off the stage. The idea and concept behind this item is okay, but the execution is just boring.

Number 5: The Smoke Ball.

What's important during a fast paced battle in Smash Bros? Seeing where you're supposed to go. That's why you want to get rid of this next item. The Smoke Ball sprays smoke in the payer's face and blocks their vision. Even if it is for that smoke, you'll be able to see where you're supposed to go. Nice try, Smoke Ball. Maybe next time.

Number 4: The Green Shell.

You see a Crate, and then you break it open to see what's inside. You need to be careful not to screw up with the Green Shell. This item roams around in one direction, and trying to hit opponents by throwing it just allows them to dodge it easily by letting them jump. The idea and concept behind this item is great, but it's just too easy to avoid it (which is I guess why it needs to be removed from future Smash Bros games and the Red Shell needs to return).