A taunt is a gesture that tries to intimidate the opponent. Below is a list of taunts that characters do in the Smash Bros. series.

Super Smash Bros. Smash On!


Super Smash Sisters

All the girls have multiple D-pad taunts, but the males only have one.

  • Ayumi Tachibana
    • Up:Inspects her suitcase saying "All packed and ready to go!"
    • Side:Looks into her magnifying glass and blinks a bit for the camera before putting it away.
    • Down:Her skirt is about to fly up, but she keeps it down.
  • Krystal:
    • Up:Quickly moves her staff behind herself and says "Care to make a move on me?"
    • Side:Does a graceful flip in place and stands on one leg with a knee up and her behind her neck saying "As long as I'm here, Cerinia's last will still be finest!"
    • Down:Glows her staff as she looks into it while saying "Is this why you gave my staff to me father?"
  • Mist
    • Up:Jumps playfully for a bit as she giggles.
    • Side:Takes Florete and swings it right saying "A fine play mate to test my sword."
    • Down:Kneels with her ball end of her staff upwards saying "Like my brother, I too can fight for whom I love."
  • Mia
    • Up:Flashes her sword above her declaring "Want a piece of me?!"
    • Side:Swings her sword down to the background for practice and then touches the ground with it.
    • Down:She brushes her hair a bit before saying "I'll cut down all I see in my eyes."
  • Sakura Kasugano
    • Up:Does some practicing attacks.
    • Side:Points her fingers forward while giggling giving light damage to her opponent.
    • Down:Thrusts her body forward and jiggles it a bit saying "It's fun how you can see strength building up in a girl."
  • Slippy Toad:Throws a wrench up which then comes comically down onto his head. He then says "Ow! That hurt me!"
  • Valtome:Holds out a hand saying "I prefer you handshake senators of Begnion" then he takes it back "but I'll be your exception. Uwee hee hee!"
  • Katsuie Shibata:Beats his chest and then swings his axes past each other saying "You are not even skilled to fight me!'
  • Toshiie Maeda (Samurai Warriors):Takes his spears together for a bit saying "Do you realize where I did my training?" before putting them back
  • Kanbei Kuroda (Samurai Warriors): Looks into his crystal ball and he says "In your body, I see what is evil in you already."
  • John Crawley: Slaps his hands past each other 2 times then he points at the opponent saying "All the training in the world won't save you from John Crawley!"
  • Kojuro Katakura: Plants his sword into the ground then brushes his hair saying "Huh. Is that it?"
  • Hideaki Kobayakawa: Sits down and has a thought cloud as it shows his meanings while he says "I hate horses, I hate guns, I hate bows and arrows, I love hot pots, I hate swords." then gets back up to fight.

Super Smash Bros. Lawlal


  • Zuma (from PAW Patrol) has 3 taunts like other fighters in the game.
    • His Side Taunt involves his puptag glowing, he turns into a merpup and back in his up taunt, and he acts cute like Kirby in his Down Taunt.
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