Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Tails solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Tails.

Tails gen

He's Here, Sonic's Sidekick. If you're expecting a compete clone of Sonic, get off this site, go to the Pottery Barn website and get design areas. Tails shares no moves with the Blue Blur.


  • Dashes by twirling his tails behind him. Making the difference between his walking speed and dashing speed very great.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Dummy Ring Bomb

Description: Unfortunately, this move is taken from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (loved the theme song and the new hedgehog, hated the gameplay and storyline). It was the best I could think of. Anyway, here's how it works, Tails throws a fake ring capsule. You can control the throw the same way you control the throw of Snake's grenades. Each capsule has a number on it, either 5, 10 or 20. These numbers indicate a capsules strength, 5 being the weakest and most common and 20 being the strongest and rarest. Occasionally, a ring will fall out of the capsule when it breaks. You can pick up the ring use it as a throwing item.

  • Side Special Move:Tail Sweep

Description: Tails swings his tails in an arc.

  • Up Special Move:Tail Flight

Description: It's his signature power. Being able to use his tails as a propeller.

  • Down Special Move:Rapid Tail Spin

Description: Tails does a spinning attack and swings his tails around while he's spinning. He can move around the stage while he's performing this move. You can charge it up to increase it's duration and power.

  • Final Smash:Tornado Walker

Description: Tails hops into the Tornado Walker from Sonic Adventure 2. The moves are based mostly on his abilities in the multiplayer. He can jump into the air and jumping again allows him to hover. Tapping the normal move button performs a Propeller Punch, a punch utilizing the Tornado's propeller. Pressing and holding the normal move button performs his lock-on shot. Tapping the special move button fires a flurry of missiles. Pressing and holding the special move button charges and fires the Power Laser, similar to Samus' Zero Laser. Only one Power Laser can be used per final smash.

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Hey! That fox has an extra tail!"

Otacon:"That's Miles Prower, also known as 'Tails'."

Snake:(sarcastically)"Gee, I wonder how he got that name."

Otacon:"He's Sonic's best friend."

Snake:"The hedgehog?"

Otacon:"Yep. Tails' most notable ability is his ability to fly using his tails as a helicopter rotor, but he's also a mechanical genius."

Snake:"Huh... Guess he won't be easy to beat."

Fighting against Tails

I haven't mentioned this, but Tails is a very effective aerial fighter. His aerial attacks are his strongest standard attacks, so whatever you do, keep him on the ground. If you get inside close, his options are limited as his Tail Sweep attack isn't very powerful. Try and dodge his Dummy Ring Bomb attack and if a ring pops out, be quick to grab it.


  • Tails' legal name, "Miles Prower", is a pun on the term "Miles per Hour" meant as a reference to Sonic's extreme speed.
  • Tails was originally slated to be an assist trophy in Brawl. His action was that if the fighter who called him out ever fell too far below the screen, Tails would swoop down and rescue them. However, he never made it into the final cut. I guess because it wouldn't really be fair.

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