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Super Smash Bros. X2, ( also known as Super Smash Bros. Strikeforce on the Wii U) known in Japan as Nintendo All-Star! Great Fray Smash Brothers X2 (ニンテンドウオールスター! 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ, Nintendō Ōrusutā! Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu X2), and often shortened to "SSBX2" or "SX2", is a game that is in the Super Smash Bros. game series. It is the successor of Super Smash Bros. X, and the predecessor to Super Smash Bros. X3: Triple Takedown!!!

It was released in Japan on December 21, 2010, in North America on April 27, 2011, and in Europe on November 19, 2011. It's playable on Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 3DS with the use of Super Smash Bros. DS-X and the Wii.

It was released with a 13+ due to the massive amounts of gore (due to it being a Splatterhouse fighting game) with the use of the bloodcode in North America and Japan. In Europe it was released with a 16+ rating. This game currently ranks 9.7 on the Smash-O-Meter.


Super Smash Bros. X2 is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Super Smash Bros. X, and the side release to Super Smash Sisters 2. Instead on using the famous Final Smash, X2 uses instead a Final Crash. It was released on the DS as Super Smash Bros. DS-X, a sequel to Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated (The handheld representative of Super Smash CRASH, meaning the X series follows the Brawl path). It was released on Nintendo GameCube because the GameCube was redesigned around that time, and they figured they would see how well it would work out. This game was a huge success, over 5 million copies were sold on GameCube alone. Some new features include were being able to send your characters to your 3-DS and an improved camera function. The blood is accessed by pressing the "A+B+Z+Start". This will activate a cheat center where if you hold reset while unplugging the controller in the fourth slot and placing it in the third slot, it should say "Bloodcode feature added". You may choose how much blood you want from S,M or L. On all versions there is a bonus feature called "Mii Fighter Creation Station". In this area, you may make Miis to fight with in X2 and Sisters 2. This is to date the only way to make a male character in Sisters 2.

Box Description

The Smashfest sequel to Smash X is here! X2: double the characters, double the companies, double the weapons, DOUBLE THE SMASH! Featuring iconic characters through many franchises all for the SMASH! Who will be your Pitfighter? Will you challenge online? Duel with friends or hook up to Super Smash Bros. DS-X? The choice is yours in December 2010!

The first Smash game to use blood. Later followed by Super Smash Bros. X3: Triple Takedown!!!, Super Smash Bros. X4: The Xtreme Tourney (This introduces Konami characters), Hyper Smash Bros: Smash X5 and Ultra Smash Bros: Smash X6.


Each character is listed below with their "FINAL CRASH".


Animal Crossing

Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Blanca Animal Crossing (Stage) Create 10 Mii Fighters Blanca.jpg Cani-bite
Mr. Resetti Resetti's Burrow Reset your game and turn it back on 3 times Resetti.jpg Axe Head
Timmy & Tommy Tom Nook's House Play as Ice Climbers and Plusle and Minun 50 times each Timmy.jpg Gang Beat
Tom Nook Tom Nook's House Starter character TomNook.jpg Tail Slap
Mable General Store Play as Tom Nook 100 times Mable.jpg Head Stomp
Sable General Store Play as Mable 10 times Sable.jpg Stomach Crush
KK Slider Animal Crossing (Stage) Starter character KK.jpg Guitar Overload
Pelly Post Office Play as KK Slider 100 times Pelly.jpg Flower Slice
Phyllis Post Office Play as Pelly 10 times Phyllis.jpg Neck Snap
Tortimer Post Office Play as Tiptup 50 times Tortimer.jpg Shell Toss
Labelle General Store Play as Sable 200 times Labelle.jpg Kicking Can

Brain Age

Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Dr. Kawashima N/A Beat Tabuu 5 times and unlock Andross Kawashima.jpg Brain Dead

Custom Robo

Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Ray Mk I Custom Robo Arena Beat classic with 50 characters Ray1.jpg Laser Cannon
Ray Mk II Custom Robo Arena Beat All-Star with 50 characters Ray2.jpg Laser Cannon 2
Ray Mk III Custom Robo Arena Unlock 100 stages Ray3.jpg Laser Cannon 3

Donkey Kong

Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Donkey Kong DK Island Starter character DK.jpg Monkey Stomp
Diddy Kong Crystal Caves Starter character Diddy.jpg Little Monkey, Big Punch
Dixie Kong DK Island Play as Diddy Kong 50 times Dixie.png Throwing Hat
Funky Kong Ammo Shop Unlock 50 characters Funky.jpg Strong Kong
Cranky Kong DK Island Beat Event #47 Cranky.jpg Take a Walker on the Wild Side
Wrinkly Kong DK Island Play as Donkey Kong 50 times Wrinkly.jpg Possession
Candy Kong Crystal Caves Collect 5 Golden Hammers Candy.jpg Love Bites
Swanky Kong Ammo Shop Unlock the "Wheel of Fortune" trophy twice Swanky.jpg Wheel-of-Fates
Chunky Kong Frantic Factory Unlock the Frantic Factory stage Chunk.jpg Chunky Monkey
Lanky Kong Frantic Factory Obtain 10,000 coins in Coin Battle Lanky.jpg Funky Monkey
Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong Jr. Classico Unlock all the "Classico" Stages DKJR.PNG Vine Lash
Baby Donkey Kong Frantic Factory Use Yoshi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi on one court DKJRJR.png Mallet Rattle
Tiny Kong Crystal Caves Unlock Dixie Kong and play as her 10 times Tiny.jpg Stomach Burst


Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Ninten Onett Starter character Ninten.png TK Explosion
Ness Onett Starter character Ness.jpg TK Magma
Lucas Onett Unlock 5 characters Lucas.png TK Nitro
Poo (P) Fourside Have the Nintendog take a dump on you Crap.png TK Turd
Paula Fourside Put Ness, Ninten and Lucas in a battle together Paula.png Psychic Force
Jeff Fourside KO Paula with Ness 20 times Jeff.png Barbell of Doom
Mr. Saturn Porky's Lair KO 10 people with Mr. Saturn items MrSaturn.png Alien Invasion
Porky Porky's Lair Throw any Baby character off the cliff with ROB 5 times Porky.jpg Pig Swirl


Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Crash
Excitebiker Excitebike Lap Starter character Excitebike.jpg Bike Crush
Female Excitebiker Excitebike Lap Unlock Excitebike trophy Excitebike.jpg Bike Smash

Fire Emblem


Game & Watch

  • Mr. Game & Watch - 8-Bit Burn (Every Game & Watch Character has this ability)
  • Juggler
  • Jack
  • Chef
  • Climber
  • Crabby
  • Donkey Kong (G&W)
  • Foxxy
  • Lion Tamer
  • Mickey Mouse (G&W)
  • Mario (G&W)
  • Donald Duck (G&W)
  • Popeye (G&W)
  • Spitball Sparky

Golden Sun

Kid Icarus


The Legendary Starfy

Legend of Zelda

Magical Starsign




  • Weak puppy who gets owned - Dog Crap
  • Stupid dog who gets pwned - Yellow Dog Crap





Puzzle League

Sin & Punishment

Star Fox



Wave Race

Rare Ware




GoldenEye 007


Killer Instinct

Perfect Dark


Viva Piniata

Wizards & Warriors


Samurai Warriors

  • Yukimura Sanada
  • Shingen Takeda - Kazefujinken
  • Oichi
  • Ginchiyo Tachibana - Susanoo's Hand
  • Yoshimoto Imagawa
  • Nobunaga Oda - Life Force Drain
  • Nene
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa
  • Mitsunari Ishida
  • Sakon Shima
  • Kotaro Fuma - Chaos Dimension
  • Ina
  • Tadakatsu Honda
  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • Toshiie Maeda
  • Katsuie Shibata
  • Musashi Miyamoto
  • Kojiro Sasaki
  • Kai
  • Kiyomasa Kato
  • Masanori Fukushima
  • Ujiyasu Hojo - Nuclear Explosion
  • Muneshige Tachibana

Dynasty Warriors

  • Zhao Yun
  • Ma Chao
  • Jiang Wei
  • Guan Ping
  • Guan Yu
  • Liu Bei
  • Zhuge Liang - Dissolving Light
  • Huang Zhong - Arrow Overload
  • Liu Shan
  • Xiahou Dun - One Eye Thrust
  • Cao Cao
  • Cao Pi
  • Xu Huang
  • Sima Yi
  • Sun Shang Xiang
  • Diao Chan
  • Lu Bu
  • Yuan Shao
  • Zhou Yu
  • Taishi Ci
  • Lu Meng
  • Gan Ning
  • Sun Ce
  • Sun Jian
  • Xiao Qiao
  • zhou Tai
  • Ling Tong
  • Ding Feng
  • Sima Shi
  • Sima Zhao
  • Wang Yuanji
  • Xiahou Ba
  • Guo Huai
  • Deng Ai


After Burner

Alex Kidd

Altered Beast

Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg

Bonanza Bros.

ChuChu Rocket

Comix Zone

Crazy Taxi


Fantasy Zone


Golden Axe

House of the Dead

Jet Grind Radio


Panzer Dragoon


Samba de Amigo



Space Channel 5

Space Harrier

Streets of Rage

Super Monkey Ball



Virtua Fighter



  1. 1 Triple Trouble - Team up on DK, Bowser and the Great Mighty Poo! (CC)
  2. 2 Pokestruction - Pokemon are becoming invasive species. Not Anymore! (CC)
  3. 3 Kongtastic - It's Chunky vs. Donkey vs. Swanky vs. Funky! Who will win? (Donkey)
  4. 4 Ring Collection - Stop Eggman from stealing the rings! (Knuckles)
  5. 5 Army Squad - An enemy base is attacking! Destroy their troops! (Commando)
  6. 6 Sinned - Your victims are now awaiting their fate: death (Saki)
  7. 7 Chuggin' Contest - Defeat your foes in a race to chug a glass or two! (Conker)
  8. 8 Egg-citing! - Yoshi is a bit hyper, so why not egg'em? (Kazooie)
  9. 9 Mona Pizza - Deliver 5 pizzas in 1 minute! (Mona)
  10. 10 Trophy Tactics #1 - Defeat your foes and win the Goldengun Trophy! (CC)
  11. 11 Goldeneye Robbery - 006 has stolen the GoldenEye! Recover it in 14 seconds. (James Bond)
  12. 12 Nook's Prices - Tom Nook has ripped you off! It's time for Payback! (Mr. Resetti)
  13. 13 Training - Dr. Kawashima challenges you to a spell-off! Show him who's boss! (CC)
  14. 14 TK Wisdom - Control Ness and race through Onett to the UFO! - Ness
  15. 15 Ricky's Lament - Poor Ricky. He's getting beaten up by Ganondorf. (Ricky)
  16. 16 Viva Piniata - Shoot three Ruffians to win! (CC)
  17. 17 Ray Mark Revenge - The Ray's have escaped! Bring them back home. (Annie)
  18. 18 Egg Hatcher - Hatch 5 eggs in 30 seconds! (Billy Hatcher)
  19. 19 Miracle World - Venture through Miracle World collecting coins! (Alex Kidd)
  20. 20 Trophy Tactics #2 - Defeat your foes and win the Leash Trophy! (CC)
  21. 21 Crazy Taxi 1 - Bring Mario to his destination: the flagpole! (Axel)
  22. 22 Golden Sun - Take Isaac to his destination (Isaac)
  23. 23 ChuChu Factory - Keep the ChuChus awau from the KuruKurus! (ChuChu)
  24. 24 Anaconda - Squeeze the other snakes senseless! (Rattle)
  25. 25 Journey into Dreams - Sweep the minds of your opponents. (NiGHTS)
  26. 26 Puppy Dump - You gotta go, huh? Well why not on Wario? (Weak stupid puppy who gets Owned)
  27. 27 Ristar 3D - Rescue Ristar from Agent 006! - Sonic
  28. 28 Crash Landing - Save the Pikmin from the oncoming meteor to save the day! (Olimar)
  29. 29 Electric Shock Therapy - User Pichu to defeat Mewtwo! (Pichu)
  30. 30 Trophy Tactics #3 - Defeat your foe and win the Crazy Hand Trophy! (CC)
  31. 31 Karaoke Practise - It's Ulala vs. Mike! Who will win? (Mike)
  32. 32 Roast Dolphin - Defeat Ecco and Ecco Jr. and then eat them! (Von Kaiser)
  33. 33 House of Mario - Challenge old foes to a match of Retro Tennis! (9-Volt)
  34. 34 Flicky's Rescue - Catch 7 chirps in 10 seconds! (Flicky)
  35. 35 Pokemon Champions - Use your pokemon to defeat the current champ! (May)
  36. 36 Landmaster Tank - Fox! Use this Landmaster to your advantage! (Fox)
  37. 37 Poke Capture - Catch Ash's Pikachu for Team Rocket! (Team Rocket)
  38. 38 Medusa's Castle - Launch three cannonballs at Medusa's Castle! (Pit)
  39. 39 Royal Flush - Conquer the Great Mighty Poo! (Conker)
  40. 40 Shuffle Scuffle #1 - Hit 7 targets to win the trophy! (CC)
  41. 41 Gruntilda's Revenge - Brew the perfect potion for Gruntilda! (Klungo)
  42. 42 Three Hedgehogs? - I thought one was enough! Now there's three: take 'em out! (Eggman)
  43. 43 Skid Skid - Race Diddy Kong in a racing tourney! (Tip Tup)
  44. 44 Joanna Dark: Mission 1 - Simply put; kill Bowser (Joanna Dark)
  45. 45 Hungry Kirby - Swallow all the delicious enimies on the screen! (Kirby)
  46. 46 pIxEl NiGhTmArE - I have awaken in this strange, odyssey with funny looking people. (Louie)
  47. 47 Monkey Business - Prep up Diddy for a fight! (Diddy Kong)
  48. 48 Jigglypuff's Suckage - Take on one giant Jigglypuff in 15 seconds! (CC)
  49. 49 Superstar Baseball - Hit a home run so you can earn enough money to go out with Luigi! (Daisy)
  50. 50 Shuffle Scuffle #2 - Hit 10 targets to win the trophy! (CC)
  51. 51 Garden of Flowers - I take good care of my garden, but bugs always get into it! (Peach)
  52. 52 Action 52 - Take on 52 crazy Eggmans! (Sonic)
  53. 53 Mario Mayhem - Crush three goombas, get 29 coins and get a fire flower in one minute! (Mario)
  54. 54 Joann Dark: Mission 2: Collect the Golden Gun (Joanna Dark)
  55. 55 Wave Race - Beat three other rivals on the surf! (Ryoto)
  56. 56 Ultra Combo! - Perform an Ultra Combo to a Killer Instinct character (Captain Falcon)
  57. 57 Super Mario World 3: 16 Golden Coins - Collect them all! (Luigi)
  58. 58 Yoshi Coaster - Take a ride on the Halberd! (Yoshi)
  59. 59 Punch-Out! - Little Mac vs. Mike Tyson: Be Careful! (Little Mac)
  60. 60 Shuffle Scuffle #3 - Hit 15 targets and win the trophy! (CC)
  61. 61 Eliwood's Fantasy - An older me? How could this be? (Roy)
  62. 62 Vectorwoman - Defeat Peach with Vectorman for treason. (Vectorman)
  63. 63 Samus's Safe Return - Guide Samus through the Darkness to her ship! (Samus)
  64. 64 Super Luigi Bros. - Defeat all 64 Marios with Luigi! (Luigi)
  65. 65 Blue Falcon - Race against Goroh, Stewart and Pico to win! (C. Falcon)
  66. 66 Crazy Taxi 2 - Run over every other character! (Axel)
  67. 67 Wizards & Warrior? - Kill all the wizrds with only one warrior! (Link)
  68. 68 Super Smash Sisters - Take on these dangerous gals! (CC)
  69. 69 Pimple Attack - Hmm.. she's not gonna get away this time! (Pimple)
  70. 70 Tabuu's Revenge - Stop Tabuu before he escapes from the tomb! (CC)
  71. 71 Excite Rally - Cause a disruption in the rally! (Excitebiker)
  72. 72 Solar Jetman - Destroy the enemy planet! (Jetman)
  73. 73 Legend of Link - The four sword turned you into four! And the others aren't happy! (Blue Link)
  74. 74 Pingas! - Fight against CD-i Link, the King and Mama Luigi! (Pingas)
  75. 75 Tabuu's Curse - Tabuu has returned! Fight with everybody else and take him down! (Everybody)

  • Note CC= Choose Character

Issue in Smash It Up Extreme!

For the first issue of Smash It Up Extreme!, the game was featured on page 33 and on the cover. The Smash-O-Meter rating was 9.7 out of 10.

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