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Super Smash Bros. Ultra

Super Smash Bros. Ultra is a game for the Wii.


Kirby Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Kirby N/A N/A Cook Kirby
Meta Knight Battleship Halbred (Brawl) N/A Meta Knights Uknight!
King Dedede Dedede Castle N/A Waddle Dee Stampede
Warning Sword Knight N/A Play as Meta Knight 11 times Slice'n'dice!
Warning Knuckle Joe N/A N/A Knuckle Sandwich

Mario Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Mario Bob-Omb Battlefield N/A Mario KART
Princess Peach Town Square N/A Peachy Place
Warning Waluigi Waluigi Pinball Beat Classic on the Easy difficulty
Deflect 30 Missiles
Play 100 vs. matches
Warning Wario (Classic) Wario's Woods N/A Giant Coin
Luigi Luigi's Mansion Do Home-run contest with all the Mario characters Luigi's Mansion
King Bowser 8-Bit Bowser's Castle In classic mode destroy all of the Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas Mega Flame
Warning Princess Daisy Pyramid N/A Flower Power
Warning Bowser Jr. Delfino Plaza (Brawl) Beat Classic Mode with all the Default Characters Shadow Mario Transformation

Peach Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Warning Peach & Perry Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) N/A Perry Shower
Warning Toad & Toadette N/A Beat Classic Mode with all 3 Peachs Toad & Toadette Power
Warning Toadsworth N/A N/A Canerang

Wario Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Wario Wario Ware N/A Wario-Man
Warning Captain Syrup Pirate Ship (Wario Land Shake It!) Beat all 51 single-player missions or Use Peach and Daisy in Home Run Contest Treasure Bash

Metroid Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Samus Norfair (Brawl) N/A Zero Lazer
Zero Suit Samus Brinstar Maze Get Samus' Final Smash Power Suit Samus
Warning Gandrayda N/A Play Classic as all the Metroid Series characters Metroid Attack
Warning Kanden N/A N/A Metroid Attack
Warning Noxus N/A N/A Metroid Attack
Warning Sylux N/A N/A Metroid Attack
Warning Dark Samus N/A Play 100 team battles
Find her in the Smash Emissary
Dark Force

Pokemon Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon Final Smash
Pikachu Pokemon Stadium 3 N/A Volt Tackle
Jigglypuff Pokemon Stadium 2 (Brawl) N/A Super Sing
Warning Female Pokemon Trainer N/A Use 5 Pokemon Mudkip
Mudkip:Water Gun
Grovyle:Bullet Seed
Red (Pokemon Trainer in Brawl) Indigo Plateau Squirtle
Squirtle:Hydro Pump
Charizard:Fire Blast
Mewtwo N/A Play 12 combined hours of VS. matches.
700 vs. matches.
Beat Classic Mode as Lucario
Lucario N/A N/A Dark Pulse
Warning Micheal Citadark Isle Do Home-Run Contest with all the Pokemon Eevee
All the Pokemon use Hyperbeam
Warning Ash Ketchum Pallet Town Do Target Test (known as Target Run in this game) with Pikachu Turtwig
Turtwig:Razor Leaf
Warning Dawn Sandgem Town Complete Target Run with all the Pokemon Trainers' Pokemon Piplup
Buneary:Shadow Ball
Pachirisu:Thunder Bolt
Warning Rival Lucas Rowan's Lab Complete Home-Run Contest with all the Pokemon Trainers' Pokemon Turtwig
Turtwig:Razor Leaf
Monferno:Fire Blast
Warning Cipher Peon Cipher Key Lair Complete Boss Battles with all the Pokemon Trainers' Pokemon Chickorita
Chickorita:Razor Leaf
Croconaw:Hydro Pump

Nintendo Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
R.O.B. Battlefield Play 500vs. matches
Unlock all the characters
Get 20 stickers
R.O.B. Stampede!
Warning Mii Final Destination Get 50 stickers Boxing Mii
Mr.Game & Watch Flat Zone 3
Flat Zone 2 (Brawl)
Play 50vs. matches
Do Target-Test with all characters
Get 20 trophies
3-D Graphics
Pit Skyworld (Brawl) N/A Medusa's Army
Warning Captain Rainbow N/A N/A Rainbomb!

Pikmin Series

Newcomer Character Pikmin Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Captain Olimar Olimar's Pikmin Distant Planet (Brawl N/A End of Day
Warning Captain Louie *Red: These pikmin are immune to fire and are good fighters. No other

abilities of note.

  • Yellow: These guys can be thrown much higher than other pikmin and are immune

to electricity. Not very good fighters.

  • Blue: Pikmin that can go underwater. They can also save other drowning pikmin

if thrown at the drowning subjects.

  • Purple: The most helpful color in the game! They can lift ten times as much as

other pikmin and are good fighters. When thrown on enemies, they do a ton of extra damage, which can be wired to kill most of the enemies in the game in a matter of seconds if you're careful. They will sometimes stun enemies as well when thrown on them.

  • White: Small, very fast pikmin. They are immune to poison. If they run over a

buried treasure they will start digging it up. If an enemy eats them, it will take major damage from its poison. (Never, ever purposefully kill them because of this!)

  • Sometimes Louie will pluck out a Bulbmin:They are immune to every hazard, and have no other abilities.
N/A Unlock Distant Planet (Brawl) Power Pikmin

Classic Nintendo Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Picture Final Smash
Warning 8-Bit Bowser N/A Play as Bowser 30 times 8-Bit Bowser Koopa Clown Bowser
Warning 8-Bit Pikachu Saffron City (N64) Play as Pikachu 40 times 8-Bit Pikachu Thunderbolt
Warning 8-Bit Mario Mushroom Kingdom (N64) Play as Mario 50 times 8-Bit Mario Mushroom toss
Warning 8-Bit Link Hyrule Castle (N64) Play as Link 60 times 8-Bit Link Triforce Thunder
Warning 8-Bit Fox Sector Z (N64) Play as Fox 70 times 8-Bit Fox Arwing
Warning 8-Bit Ness Fourside (Melee) Play as Ness 80 times 8-Bit Ness PSI Flash
Warning 8-Bit Kirby Dream Land (N64) Play as Kirby 90 times 8-Bit Kirby Warpstar Storm
Warning 8-Bit Samus Planet Zebes (N64) Play as Samus 100 times 8-Bit Samus Starship
Warning 8-Bit Princess Peach Peach's Castle (N64) Play as the Mario 8-Bit 70 times 8-Bit Peach Peach Blossom
Warning 8-Bit Mini Master Hand Final Destination (N64) Complete the Smash Emisarry with one of the 8-Bits in your party Mini Master Hand Tabuu Lazer

Earthbound Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Ness + King N/A N/A PSI Rockin
Lucas + Boney New Pork City (Brawl) N/A PK Love
Warning Poo N/A Complete Adventure Mode:The Smash Emissary PSI Farewell
Warning Claus N/A Play as Lucas 22 times Masked Man Transformation

F-ZERO Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Captain Falcon Casino Palace N/A Blue Falcon
Warning James McCloud Rainbow Road (F-ZERO X) Beat all 50 missions Little Wyvern

3rd Party Characters

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Company Final Smash
Warning Lego Luke Skywalker Emporer's Room Play on Emporer's Room 20 times Lucasarts Millenium Falcon
Warning Kim Possible + Ron Stoppable Dr.Drakken's Lair Beat Target Run level 5 as Lego Luke Skywalker Disney GAME OVER!

DK Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Donkey Kong Ghostly Grove N/A Donkey Konga
Diddy Kong Bobbing Barrel Brawl N/A Diddy Kombo (his final smash from Brawl, witha new name)
Warning Funky Kong N/A Play as DK 27 times Surf's Up!
Warning Dixie Kong + Kiddie Kong N/A Play as Diddy Kong 22 times Banana Blast

Animal-Crossing Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Warning K.K. Slider Smashville (Brawl) N/A Musical Mash
Warning Jingle Animal Island N/A Power Presents
Warning Agent S City Get 10 Assist Trophies (renamed Helping Hands) Turbo Squad
Warning Tom Nook Tom Nook's Shop Get 20 Helping Hands Shopping Plaza

Super Smash Bros. Fanon Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Warning Orange Legoda Final Destination (Melee) Beat Target Run with everybody
Warning Ha Ha Ha Battlefield (Melee) N/A
Warning Orange Spookster Pokefloats 2 N/A

Yoshi Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Yoshi Donut Plains N/A
Warning Baby Mario + Baby Luigi N/A N/A
Warning Baby Peach + Baby Daisy N/A Play as Baby Mario + Baby Luigi 5 times

Fire Emblem Series

Newcomer Character Stage How to Unlock Final Smash
Marth N/A N/A
Roy N/A N/A
Ike N/A N/A
Warning Myyrh N/A Play 100 vs. matches

Alternate Forms

Char. Color Pic.
8-Bit Mario Red 8-Bit Mario image

Tier List

See here


Princess Peach's Castle (Melee)

Bob-Omb Battlefield

Town Square

Waluigi Pinball

Wario's Woods

Luigi's Mansion

8-Bit Bowser's Castle


Delfino Plaza (Brawl)

Not in My Music

Song Event
Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Event match 50 - Back to the Brawl!

Battleship Halbred (Brawl)

Dedede Castle

Wario Ware

Kitchen Island

Emporer's Room

Not in My Music

Song Event
Imperial March (Orchastrated) Event match 47 - When the Jedi attack!

Norfair (Brawl)

Brinstar Maze

Final Destination (Melee)

Battlefield (Melee)

Citadark Isle

Pokemon Stadium 2 (Brawl)

Pokemon Stadium 3

Not in My Music

Song Event
Game Corner (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl) Event match 1 - Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, Long lost buddies!

Indigo Plateau

Not in My Music

Song Event
Slider (Super Mario 64) Event match 15 - Mario the Pokemon Trainer

Pallet Town

Sangem Town

Rowan's Lab

Cipher Key Lair

Not in My Music

Song Event
Cipher Peon/Mystery Troop theme (Pokemon Colosseum) Event match 7 - Two against 1? That's no fair!!!


Final Destination

Flat Zone 3

Flat Zone 2 (Brawl)

Skyworld (Brawl)

Saffron City (N64)

Mushroom Kingdom (N64)

Hyrule Castle (N64)

Sector Z (N64)

Fourside (Melee)

Dream Land (N64)

Planet Zebes (N64)

Peach's Castle (N64)

Final Destination (N64)

New Pork City (Brawl)

Casino Palace

Rainbow Road

Dr.Drakken's Lair

Ghostly Grove

Bobbing Barrel Brawl

Smashville (Brawl)

Animal Island


Tom Nook's Shop

Pokefloats 2

Donut Plains

Distant Planet (Brawl)


  • Banana Peel
  • Barrel
  • Beam Sword
  • Birdo's Egg
  • Blast Box
  • Bob-omb
  • Bunny Hood
  • Capsule
  • Cardboard Box
  • Cloaking Device
  • Container item
  • Cracker Launcher
  • Crate
  • Deku Nut
  • Dragoon
  • Egg
  • Fan
  • Fire Flower
  • Flipper
  • Franklin Badge
  • Golden Hammer
  • Green Shell
  • Hammer
  • Hammer head
  • Hand Grenade
  • Heart Container
  • Home-run Bat
  • Hothead
  • Key
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Lip's Stick
  • Metal Box
  • Motion-Sensor Bomb
  • Mr. Saturn
  • Parasol
  • Party Ball
  • Peach (item) (only appears during Peach's final smash)
  • Peanut (only appears after Diddy Kong's Final Smash
  • Pellet
  • Pitfall
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Power Suit Piece (appears only after Samus's Final Smash)
  • Ray Gun
  • Red Shell
  • Sandbag
  • Screw Attack (item)
  • Smash Ball
  • Smoke Ball
  • Soccer Ball
  • Spring
  • Star Rod
  • Starman (item)
  • Stock Ball
  • Super Mushroom
  • Super Scope
  • Superspicy Curry
  • Team Healer (only appears in Team Battles)
  • Unira
  • Vegetable
  • Warp Star
  • Yoshi's Egg (only appears after Yoshis B+Up Move)
  • Pokéball

Now all the Pokémon can be attacked

    • Aerodactyl
    • Arbok
    • Articuno
    • Beedrill
    • Blastoise
    • Ditto
    • Dragonair
    • Butterfree
    • Caterpie
    • Clefairy
    • Electabuzz
    • Magmortar
    • Pidgey
    • Gloom
    • Primeape
    • Farfetch'd
    • Magnemite
    • Magnezone
    • Nosepass
    • Zapdos
    • Moltres
    • Mew (RARE) (drops 1 CD or 1 Stcker)
    • Jirachi (RARE) (Drops a chain of trophies)
    • Celebi (RARE) (drops a chain of stickers)
    • Azelf (RARE) (drops 5 CDs)
    • Mesprit (RARE) (Drops a chain of items
    • Uxie (RARE) (Drops a Smash Ball or an Assist Trophy)
    • Giratina
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Totodile
    • Chickorita
    • Teddiursa
    • Delibird
    • Houndoom
    • Miltank
    • Lugia
    • Ho-Oh
    • Shedinja (can't be attacked)
    • Bidoof
    • Chatot
    • Wailmur
    • Spinda
  • Asist Trophy
    • Professor E. Gadd - Sucks in characters using the Poltergust 3000
    • King Boo - Goes around licking people
    • Tingle - Gives every character a random item
      • Franklin Badge
      • Superspicy Curry
      • Metal Box
      • Fire Flower
      • Screw Attack
      • Poké Ball
    • Rosalina - Shoots Starbits at the characters
    • Metroid - Gives 3 people damage
    • Samurai Goroh - Runs around slashing
    • Andross - Goes into the back and shoots panels
    • Ninten - He throws PK Fires at the players
    • Jeff Andonuts - Shoots Rockets to random places
    • Captain Louie - Throws Pikmin at the players
    • Tortimer - Does a random effect
      • Slows down all characters
      • Tightens Gravity
      • Makes gravity lower
      • Makes all characters fast
      • Gives everyone a superspicy curry
    • Issac - Users that Hand Thingy from Brawl
    • Little Mac - Runs around punching characters

Event Match

  • Event Match 1 - Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, Long lost buddies!
  • Defeat Ash and Pikachu with 2 stock
  • Event Match 2 - Two Mega Kings!
  • Bowser and Dedede? Two worlds collide! Destroy them both!
  • Event Match 3 - Kim Impossible
  • Can you defeat all the mini Kim Possibles before the timer gets to 0?
  • Event Match 4 - Princess Peach... x2???
  • 2 Princess Peachs. How will this work out for Bowser?
  • Event Match 5 - Mario vs. Bowser!
  • The Epic battle continues! This 3 stock match will determine the best!
  • Event Match 6 - Pikachu vs Ash???
  • What!? An Ash doppleganger? Pikachu must destroy the doppleganger, if he can tell the difference between the real and the fake.
  • Event Match 7 - Two against 1? That's no fair!!!
  • Yeah, no fair fo them! Defeat Samus and Fox on Norfair!
  • Event Match 8 - Multi-Mario?
  • 200 mini Mario. What do we do? It's quite obvious!
  • Event Match 9 - Totakeke and Mario!?
  • Mario vs Totekeke, Mario has an advantage, only, you're Totakeke!!
  • Event Match 10 - Agent Super
  • A giant Agent S, can you shrink him with all the lightning?

  • Event Match 11 - Super Bowser
  • Protect Peach whenever Bowser is giant!
  • Event Match 12 - Yoshi's Big Day!
  • It's Yoshi's turn to beat a boss, but who knew it would be Ganondorf!
  • Event Match 13 - Ani-BRAWL
  • Defeat all the Animal Crossers, but beware, there are some... Really Rotten tricks!
  • Event Match 14 - Bowser Attack
  • 4 Bowsers!? Protect Peach and Zelda until they get to the end!!
  • Event Match 15 - Mario the Pokemon Trainer
  • GO... Mario? Use these Pokemon to beat Jigglypuff, who stuck you to the floor!!
  • Event Match 16 - Super Mario + Link, a battle in combat
  • Mario vs Link, Nintendo's two mostt-popular heroes, who will win?
  • Event Match 17 - Samus x2
  • The dopplegangers are back! Defeat Samus' two evil clones!
  • Event Match 18 - Wii are ready!
  • What!? You're a Mii vs all the Mushroom Kingdomers! Can you survive this 2 stock battle?
  • Event Match 19 - Kirby Star
  • Warp Star is the way to win, since the Kirbys are hiding, destroy the area if you have to.
  • Event Match 20 - Robotic Operated Bugger?
  • 180 mini R.O.B.s, they're really bugging me! Can you get rid of them for me?

  • Event Match 21 - The animals are in!
  • K.K. vs Yoshi, an epic battle, but beware the bombs!
  • Event Match 22 - The aura is with him
  • Lucario must find all the hidden characters. "Use my aura, Player 1"
  • Event Match 23 - Mewthree?
  • Three Mewtwo, wow!
  • Event Match 24 - Impossible? Not for a Possible!
  • Can you defgeat all the Super Smash Bros. characters from the 64 as Kim Possible?
  • Event Match 25 - Bounty Alert!
  • Wolf, Captain Falcon and Samus are all after Luke, how 'bout we lose 'em?
  • Event Match 26 - Pik-a-lert!
  • ...An ordinary Pokemon battle, Jigglypuff (you) vs. two giant Pikachu!
  • Event Match 27 - Giga Bowser x2?
  • Bowser and his doppleganger meet, can you survive both of their Giga-Bowser-Wraths?
  • Event Match 28 - Battle to cry!!!
  • As Peach, try to lose!
  • Event Match 29 - Metroids are under fire!
  • Good, now stay away, or be prepared for a life of pain!
  • Event Match 30 - Tyrantic City!
  • Charizard, Bowser, R.O.B. and Mewtwo. They're all giants, and you are mini. You have to destroy them!

  • Event Match 31 - Orange Fanon!
  • Orange LEGODA and Orange Spookster vs a Cipher Peon. Can you win?
  • Event Match 32 - The Peach Factor!
  • Peach...can...defeat...MEWTWO!? Figure out how she did it!
  • Event Match 33 - The Samus Factor!
  • Samus can't be beat! So wait until she takes off her Power Suit!
  • Event Match 34 - The Zelda Factor!
  • Zelda can win with magic. But Ganondorf stole it from her! Beat him using no special moves!
  • Event Match 35 - Mario vs. Ganondorf?
  • The epic battle of Ganondorf vs... MARIO!? Where's Link?
  • Event Match 36 - Link hates laughing!?
  • Mr. Game and Watch can't get Link to laugh, so now you must defeat him
  • Event Match 37 - What's your story? Of DEATH!
  • Can you survive this cruel brawl?
  • Event Match 38 - The fallen princesses!
  • Princess Peach and Princess Zelda are but in cages and chained! To make it worse there's a thunder storm going on! Break the cage of atleast one before the lightning strikes!
  • Event Match 39 - Destroy the City!!
  • This...will be fun! All you do is destroy the city, but don't get caught by the Jedi police
  • Event Match 40 - Marth, Roy and Ike battle to win!
  • Defeat Marth and Ike as Roy. That's it!

  • Event Match 41 - 3rd Party vs Mario
  • Kim and Luke battle you as Mario, can you beat them?
  • Event Match 42 - Sword Strike
  • Defeat Marth and Link as Kirby.
  • Event Match 43 - Rainbow Racing!
  • James McCloud and Captain Falcon. They must battle on Rainbow Road!
  • Event Match 44 - Waluigi and Wario new rivals?
  • Waluigi vs Wario! What an epic battle!
  • Event Match 45 - Wa-Luigi!
  • Waluigi and Luigi vs. Mario and Wario. This could be fun!
  • Event Match 46 - Dopleganger battle!
  • Pikachu vs. his doppleganger, then Meta Knight, then Pit, then 8-Bit Mario!
  • Event Match 47 - When the Jedi attack!
  • Survive Luke's destruction!
  • Event Match 48 - The Final Battle!
  • I'm lying! Beat up 10 random characters!

  • Event Match 49 - Back to Melee!
  • Beat all the Melee characters up!

  • Event Match 50 - Back to the Brawl!
  • Beat all the Brawl newcomers up!

  • Event Match 51 - The FINAL Battle
  • Now, destroy Mario, Link, Luke, Samus, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Olimar and Fox as a player of your choice