Super Smash Bros. PSP image
Box Art
Vital statistics
Start Attack Of The Abandoned Battleground
End Dragien VS. Tabuu
Prerequisites Get The Game
Level 13 Stages
Location Super Smash Bros. Universe
Rewards 9 Characters
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Unknown

Super Smash Bros. PSP is Super Smash Bros. for PSP. There is 13 Stages and 9 characters. The graphics are slightly better than Melee.Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Luigi, Ike, Roy, Fox, and a new character called Dragien appear in this game.The stages are Princess Peach's Castle, Hyrule Castle, Bridge Of Eldin, Castle Siege, Abandoned Battleground, Great Fox, Pokemon Colisuem, Bowser's Castle, Halberd Interior, King Dedede's Castle, New Super Mario Bros, PSP Menu, and Dragien's Lair.


The Story Mode in SSB PSP is more BOLD. When Dragien the Dragon King is attacked by Bowser's Army, he is Outraged. He unleashed his Final Smash, Dragon Flare and engulfed an entire Battleground that was under Siege. Only one mighty warrior survived: Ike. When the noise and disturbance angered the nearby Village, one swordsman traveled to the Battleground to see Ike. Thinking that he is the problem, Link fights Ike. After a harsh duel, they both fainted. Dragien used his Batalion to search for the Sacred Orb. The Sacred Orb is actully a Poke Ball. When Pikachu sees the Army and realises that they want Pikachu's pokeball he attacks and meets up with Luigi. Once the two fight off Dragien's forces they find a crashed Airwing. Pikachu searches the debris to find Fox. Fox thinks Pikachu is enemy and when Luigi jumps in he thinks same.


The Game