The Master and Crazy hands desire power to conquer all. They gather a group of some of the most wretched villains to follow them. Their leuitenants are Bowser, Eggman, and Spooky. They send powerful creatures around the world to try and take over, creating black holes for their minions to go through, which cause large rifts in the universe. Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are the first to meet and cleanse the Mushroom Kingdom, and then go through a black hole to end up on Brinstar. Their they help Samus Aran battle and defeat her old enemy Ridley. Samus then goes and to help them.


Level 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Start Characters: Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Fox, Solid Snake

Boss: Bowser Jr.

Level 2: Brinstar

New Character: Samus, Rundas

Boss: Ridley

Level 3: Pac-Man World

New Character: Pac-man

Boss: Spooky

Level 4: Ice Mountain

New Character: Ice Climbers

Boss: Yeti

Level 5: Pokemon Stadium

New Character: Pokemon Trainer, Lucario

Boss: Mewtwo

Level 6: Lylat System

New Character: Falco

Boss: Wolf

Smash Arena 2

Level 7: DK Jungle

New Character: Donkey Knog, Diddy Kong

Boss: King K. Rool

Level 8: Altea

New Character: Marth, Roy, Ike

Boss: Medeus

Level 9: Sky World

New Character: Pit

Boss: Medusa

Smash Arena

The Smash Arena is a stadium that you go to in story mode. There you can spar with characters you have already unlocked or fight a character you don't have to unlock that character and its arena.

[edit]List Opponent 1: Sora


Character: Sora Arena: Awakening Song: Simple and Clean

Opponent 2: Cloud Strife


Character: Cloud Strife Stage: Song:

Oppenent 3: Simon Belmont


Character: Simon Belmont Stage: Dracula's Castle Song: Opponent 4: Marcus Fenix

Opponent 5: Master Chief


Character: Master Chief Stage: Song:

Opponent 6: Altair

Opponent 7: Dante

Opponent 8: Prince of Persia

Opponent 9: Kratos

Opponent 10: Galen Marek

[edit] Characters



-Sonic the Hedgehog

-Shadow the Hedgehog


-Mega Man


-Solid Snake

-Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus




-King Dedede

-Baby Mario and Baby Luigi

-Ice Climbers


-Kat and Ana

-Petey Pirhana

-King Boo


-Donkey Kong

-Diddy Kong








-Pikmin and Olimar



-Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario

-Midna and Wolf Link



-Tails the Fox