Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Sonic the Werehog solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Sonic the Werehog.


Now here's the part where you expect some lame one-liner, and here it is: Enter the Werehog. Now ordinarily you might expect me to just tell you the special moveset, but since this is a new character I thought I would go into more detail. You might not like the werehog but I like his combat abilities not necessarily his levels.


  • Can Crawl
  • Uses his feral running style to dash and to crawl
  • Arms can stretch and be used for tether recoveries

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Were Punch

Description:This is a punch that stretches. It has a sort of sweet spot in that it's stronger the closer the werehog's fist is to his body. You can charge it up to increase the distance of the punch. The charging action is similar to that of Donkey Kong's Giant Punch. A fully charged punch stretches nearly 3 character lengths.

  • Side Special Move:Were Claw

Description:The werehog simply slashes at opponents. This is an actual move from the game that, when performed, could break through defensive tactics. So in this game, if you perform this move while dashing, you'll break through an opponents shield and stun them.

  • Up Special Move:Dark Bat Ride

Description:In Sonic Unleashed there were enemies called "Dark Bats" which the werehog used to cross chasms. So I thought, since the werehog has no spring pads and he can't use Spring Jump, I'd just use this. It's very similar to Snake's Cypher move, but the werehog only holds onto the bat as long as you hold the special move button.

  • Down Special Move:Transform

Description:Changes back into regular Sonic

  • Final Smash:Unleashed Tornado

Description:The Werehog glows a light blue color and begins to spin. His arms extend and his fists swing wildly. A hit from his fists causes massive damage and has high KO potential.

Note: His Final Smash is different from regular Sonic's because the werehog himself is a corrupted, less powerful super transformation.

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Otacon, what the heck happened to Sonic?"

Otacon:"Hm, oh, nothing. That's just his Werehog transformation."


Otacon:"Yeah. You see, Sonic was trapped in an experiment by his arch nemesis, Dr. Eggman."


Otacon:"Yeah, that experiment awakened a beast known as Dark Gaia, who is empowered at night and sometimes makes people do weird things at night. Sonic turns into the Werehog at night because he has fallen under Dark Gaia's influence. But because he's too strong to lose his mind to Dark Gaia, he simply turns into the Werehog. Even though Dark Gaia's been forced to go back to sleep, rumor has it that Sonic learned how to transform into the Werehog at will just for this series."

Snake:"...Huh? I still don't like him though."

Otacon:"Oh Snake."

Fighting against Sonic the Werehog

One of the main things to remember about the Werehog is that he's still Sonic and still has deceptive speed. Also, remember that he has a long reach with many of his special moves. However, the Werehog is almost entirely offensive and he can't do much from a distance. His main defense against projectiles is his ability to crawl, and while crawling his attacks are limited. Stay out of his reach, harass him from a distance, and pick your spot to finish him off.


  • Some people believe that some aspects of the Sonic's normal super tranformation (Gold coloring, upturned spikes and red eyes) are either based on or a reference to the Super Saiyan transformation of the Dragon Ball anime franchise. However, the reality is that both super transformations are based on an ancient Japanese myth about a golden warrior.
  • When Sonic becomes Darkspine Sonic, his body and his clothing(his gloves and shoes) merge together. This is why his gloves and shoes seem to have the same color scheme as his skin, because technically he's not wearing them. It also reveals that Sonic has no toes.

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