50px-MarioSymbol.svg.pngLuigi is the green-wearing brother of Mario. While he has been in the shadows of his brother numerous times, it doesn't stop him from fighting for what he believes in Smash Bros. Mania.


Luigi plays out very similarly to Mario, with the exception of some differences in movesets. He also has better jumping abilities than Mario.

Unlock Criteria

  • Play 20 battles.
  • Clear Classic Mode with Mario on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Have him join you in story mode.


Standard: Fireball

Throws a fireball similar to Mario, but this fireball gore straighter.

Side: Luigi Torpedo

Leaps sideways, bashing enemies with his skull. Can be charged for more power.

Up: Super Jump Punch

Leaps into the air, punching enemies with his fist.

Down: Electrokenetic Hammer

Slams his hammer into the ground, zapping it and electrocuting opponents.

Special: Pultergust

Vacuums in the same shape as Mario Finale, but enemies get sucked in, not pushed out. Standing directly behind Luigi will also kill you.


  • Entrance: Hops out of a warp pipe, but trips and falls flat on his face.
  • Taunt Up: Faces the camera and make a peace sign.
  • Taunt Side: Makes a 'vrr vrrrrr' noise using his pultergust.
  • Taunt Down: Kicks at the ground, hitting enemies on ledges downwards.
  • Victory 1: Drives into the course on his kart and exclaims,"It's-a Luigi, Number One!"
  • Victory 2: Runs across the screen screaming with ghosts behind him.
  • Victory 3: Luigi does a victory dance and falls onto his back.
  • Lost: Luigi claps at the winner.

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