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This is a list of Poké ball pokemon.


A random Pokémon comes out and fights foes or does something else.


Poké Ball Pokémon The following Pokémon appear from Poké Balls In Order Of Rarity:

Rayquaza Uses a harsh blow with twister.

Meowth Uses Pay Day on opponents. Electrode Electrode uses Explosion. It can be thrown after some time has passed.

Goldeen No effect, just Splashes around. Staryu Chases after the nearest opponent, then locks itself into position and shoots with Swift.

Snorlax Uses Body Slam on the battlefield.

Moltres Uses Fly to lift away from the battlefield while burning all who touch it.

Mew Appears and leaves a CD.

Sentret Uses Quick Atack 3 Times.

Chikorita Unleashes a flurry of Razor Leaf attacks hitting anyone in its path.

Togepi Uses Metronome to randomly perform another attack. Bellossom Uses Sweet Scent to put nearby players to sleep.

Wobbuffet Uses Counter to knock away anyone who hits it.

Entei It uses Fire Spin, trapping anyone who lands in it.

Suicune Shoots a powerful Aurora Beam directly forward.

Lugia Uses Aeroblast to shoot foes with a blast of air.

Ho-Oh Uses Sacred Fire to trap a foe in a vortex of flames.

Celebi Appears and leaves some Trophies.

Torchic It engulfs nearby battlers with flames it radiates from its body by using Fire Spin.

Gardevoir Conjures a sphere of Reflect that will protect the player that summoned it from projectile attacks.

Gulpin Uses Swallow to trap nearby players and then spits them out after chewing on them.

Metagross Hovers above the ground before creating an Earthquake.

Latias and Latios Fly to opposite ends of the screen then converge in the middle and use Steel Wing, attacking anyone in their paths.

Kyogre Kyogre uses Hydro Pump to shoot a stream of water at the battlefield.

Groudon Groudon's uses Overheat to form a fiery aura that harms and knocks away upon contact.

Deoxys Floats up into the air and unleashes a Hyper Beam at the ground.

Jirachi Appears and leaves some Stickers.

Piplup Slides around using Surf to push anyone caught in the water off the stage.

Bonsly Wanders around the stage and can be picked up and tossed to cause severe damage with a Tackle.

Munchlax Slowly walks around looking for items to eat using the Pickup ability.

Weavile Uses False Swipe to run around the stage slashing wildly. It does minimal damage but causes stunning.

Manaphy Uses Heart Swap to make the players switch characters for a while.

Ambipom Leaves fruit to eat.

Kingler Uses CrabHammer 2 times.

Crawdaunt Uses CrabHammer 2 times.

Vilepume Uses Sleep Powder to send foes to sleep.

Muk Smothers nearest player with Toxic Waves.

Weezing uses Smokescreen and blackens most of the screen.

Gastly uses Disable and cancle out one players moves