omegaland is super smash brothers conflict's version of subspace emissionary.


Chapter 1

Peach, Toad, Mario, and Luigi are walking through a snow filled landscape. Suddenly a blue dragon attacks peach, Luigi, and Mario. Toad is the only one left. He sees what appears to be peach in a dark cage. He then challenges th dragon named frostwind. After beating it he bombs open the cage. The person turned out to be zelda. The two team up and leave.

chapter 2

Mario wakes up next to creation. Creation makes a sigh of relief. Mario jumps up and runs off, but creation catches up quickly. They run through the flowery field as a level. After beating this, ridley appears. He is about to blast creation and mario but ridley gets shot down by an Arwing. falco jumps out of the arwing and teams up with the two (this unlocks falco).


Luigi falls into quicksand. Kirby saves him. the two team up and go through the desert. At the end they meet crash. However, Wilfre appears and turns luigi and kirby into medals and grabs them. He leaves klungo to take care of crash. However, crash beats klungo.


Peach is about to land on a sharp rock. Rayman quickly dives in and saves her. They see wilfre flie by. rayman fires a lum and knocks the kirby medal out of wilfre's hands. Rayman revives kirby. The three chase after wilfre. In the process they meet mario, Creation, crash and Falco. Wilfre looks back and sees creation. Wilfre screams, throws the luigi medal, and flies off. Falco catches it and creation revives Luigi.

Chapter 5

Sonic, Tails, Kirby, Knuckles, Mr. Game & watch, and Amy Rose are walking together (with amy repeatedly trying to hold sonic's hand). Just then a big aircraft appears. It two lasers are shot that immediately turnd Sonic into a medal. It fires again, turning Knuckles and G&W into medals. Tails grabs Amy and Kirby and the three fly up. The both Hit the ship with thier hammers. This causes enough damge for the cargo to spill out. THe cargo includes a smash ball. Tails grabs it and turns to super tails. Tails then swiftly destroys the ship. He then revives all of the medals. Kirby calls his warp star and flies off.

Chapter 6

Spyro, Falcon, and Olimar are infiltrating the base of the Omegaland Army. They are spotted by primids but Olimar quickly gets rid of them. Chaos 0 appears and kills all of the pikmin ezcept for blue ones. Those ones swim into chaos 0 and attack its brain. It then quickly attacks Olimar, turning him into a medal. All of the pikmin thenn die. Spyro freezes Chaos with his ice breath. Then K. Rool appears and Defeats both of them with kremling blaze.

Chapter 7

An arwing and a wolfen are shot down by a omegaland dropship. Meanwhile the Ice climbers are about to reach the top of a mountain. They see an odd machine. Nana presses a button on the machine. the machine turns on and moves forward,reavealing itself as Rob. The three team up and reach the top. At the top is Kracko. They battle and eventually defeat kracko. Once they are done the Halberd flies over the mountain. Rob grabs the Ice climbers and gets on the Halberd using its Rob Burner.

Meta knight is battling Shadow walkers. He is about to be overwhelmed when the trio appears and takes care of them. Then the dropships start firing lasers and dropping more and more enemies into the Halberd. Meta knight Is forced to crash land the Halberd. He turns off the auto pilot and jumps off the Halberd with The Ice climbers, forgetting about ROB. Needless to say, ROB is turned to a medal as soon as the craft crashes.

chapter 8

Yoshi is running to the castle. He is immediately attacked by Ivysaur, but he dodges. Trainer apoligizes. Then enemies appear and attack the castle. Peach quickly assigns characters to different entrances to the castle. Squirtle and Link: Midfloor. Ivysaur and yoshi:outside. Lucario and samus:basement. Pit and Charizard:sky. they face paratroopas, Primids, Shockwavers, shadow walkers, and Moblins before they are finished defending the castle. Suddenly, Darkrai appears. Pit, Ivysaur, and Link attack, but darkrai telports away, leaving chaos 2 to deal with the three. After a long battle, chaos is beaten. all of the guards go to check on peach. Darkrai has grabbed her and is dragging her into a dimensional hole with itself. Link, yoshi, and samus jump in the hole as it closes up.

Chapter 9

Mii walks into a building. While he/she is walking, he/she notices a stack of boxes. Mii shrugs and continues explorng the building. One of the boxes is moving. He/she turns around and notice that the box has moved. Mii shoots a tightrope and pulls away the box, revealing snake underneath. the two team up.

In one room they notice a strange machine with yoshi, kirby, Link, Samus, Rob, and Peach medals by it. Darkrai is by the machine, also. Darkrai turns all the medals into trophies and puts them on the machine. The trophies then get surrounded by a blue glow and Shadow Clones of the trophies appear.

Mii shoots a rope at the trophies trying to grab them. Darkrai notices it and shoots a dark orb at mii. Mii then uses bubble shield. the orb hits the shield. Mii then fires the same dark orb at Darkrai. Darkrai shoots an ice beam, bursting the dark orb. Darkrai then presses a button on the machine and teleports away.

Seven shadow-cloned kirbies appear. They each ahve a different ability: Fighter, Magic, Fire, Ice, plasma, Ninja, and beam. Each one of them has the same moves as kirby did in Super Star (except for plasma which also has the spark attack and Magic which has the moves from squeak squad.) it's a long battle, but mii and snake eventually beat them. The othe r clones start to attack. They duo try to run away, but the clones catch up. All hope seems to be lost when suddenly... wario appears, riding his wario bike. he grabs them and puts them on the motorcycle. the trio escape the building, and mii has the samus and Yoshi trophies with him (although none of the three can revive the trophies).