Miles tails prower by mintenndo-d5n7wvf
Here he is. Sonic's Sidekick. If you're expecting a simple clone of Sonic, go to the Pottery Barn website for design ideas. Tails shares no moves special moves with the Blue Blur.

Weight Category: Middleweight


Dashes by twirling his tails behind him.

Special Moveset:

Neutral Special Move: Dummy Ring Bomb

Description: Unfortunately, this is taken from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It's the best I could think of. Here's how it works, Tails throws a fake ring capsule in a fashion similar to Snake's Grenade. Each capsule will have 1 of 3 numbers printed on it, either 5, 10 or 20. The numbers represent that capsules strength, 5 being the weakest and most common and 20 being the strongest and rarest. Also, occasionally a ring pops out of the capsule when it breaks. The ring can be used as a throwing item.

Side Special Move: Tail Sweep

Description: Tails sweeps his tails in an arc. This is similar inf orm to Mario's Cape but it's twice as strong and can't reflect projectiles.

Up Special Move: Tail Flight

Description: It's Tails' trademark power.

Down Special Move: Rapid Tail Spin

Description: Tails swings his tails around in what seems like a tornado. This can be charged to increase its duration and power.

Final Smash: Tornado Walker

Description: Tails hops into his Tornado Walker from Sonic Adventure 2. In this machine, he can hover and perform a plethora of new moves based on your final battle with him in Sonic Adventure 2's Dark Story and the multiplayer battles of the same game. Tapping the normal attack button will perform the Propeller Punch, the Tornado's propeller spins forward to punch opponents. Pressing and holding the normal attack button will perform his lock-on shot. Tapping the special move button will launch a flurry of missiles. Pressing and holding the special move button will charge and fire a Power Laser. This is similar to Samus' Zero Laser. Only 1 Power Laser can be used per Final Smash.


-Tails' legal name "Miles Prower" is a pun on the term "Miles per Hour" refencing Sonic's extreme speed.

-Tails was originally slated to be an assist trophy in Brawl. His function was that if the fighter who called him out fell to far off the bottom of the screen, Tails would catch the fighter and haul him back up. I guess that this would be a little unfair and I guess that's why he didn't make it into the assist trophy roster.