Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of King Dedede solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see King Dedede.


You know, I once thought his name was pronounced "deh-deh-deh".

Changes from Brawl

  • His Waddle Dee Toss now produces a fourth character, a Golden Waddle Dee that does more damage on impact than a regular Waddle Dee
  • His Waddle Dee Army has this too

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Inhale
  • Side Special Move:Waddle Dee Toss
  • Up Special Move:Super Dedede Jump
  • Down Special Move:Jet Hammer
  • Final Smash:Waddle Dee Army

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Look at the size of that hammer!"

Colonel:"That's King Dedede you're fighting, Snake."

Snake:"Dedede? You mean it's not a penguin, Colonel?"

Colonel:"He's the King of Dream Land. Well, so he says, anyway."

Snake:"Are you sure he's not a penguin?"

Colonel:"One full swing of that hammer can level an entire building. It may look like just a big wooden mallet, but it's actually outfitted with special mechanical systems like turbo jets and precision bearings to boost its effectiveness."

Snake:"I don't think I could even lift that thing. And he's swinging it around like it was nothing."

Colonel:"But he also leaves himself wide open. Just make sure you avoid the swing, Snake."

Note:Actually, King Dedede's Japanese name is "King Penguin". So yes, he is a penguin.

Fighting against King Dedede

Stay close to King Dedede at all times to keep him from abusing the Waddle Dee Throw. When in close, never use any attack that will leave you vulnerable. It's far too risky with the amount of raw attack power you're up against. Chip away at Dedede with quick standard attacks, and use smash attacks if Dedede uses anything that leaves him vulnerable.

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