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This page details the appearance of Keeby solely in Super Smash Bros. Kirby Edition. For information on this character as a whole, see Keeby.


Keeby is a Kirby who is controlled by player 2 in Kirby's Dream Course. An unnamed yellow Kirby has appeared in several Kirby games, and may or may not be Keeby. Shigeru Miyamoto wanted Kirby to be yellow, but Sakurai won the debate over Kirby's color, and he became pink. He is also an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Kirby Edition

Basic Notes

Keeby's A moves and stats are very close to Kirby's, but there are minor differences. Keeby also has only 3 midair jumps instead of 5 like Kirby. Keeby is very slightly slower and more powerful than Kirby, but not by much. Keeby is used to represent other copy abilities that Kirby doesn't use in this game

Special Moves

Input Name Effect
Standard Special Inhale Keeby inhales his opponent. He then has the option to use a star spit, which will launch the foe a set distance in front of him while doing slight damage, or he may swallow them. If an opponent is swallowed (the fighter themselves will be sent out of his head as a star, taking minor damage) Keeby will gain their side special move. Keeby will also gain something to show the ability he has (usually a hat or something like that.) This move will not copy Kirby or another Keeby, but can still effect them
Side Special Wheel Boost Keeby turns into wheel form, and sdashes across the stage. Keeby will eventually slow down and turn back to normal, and it is hard to damage him in wheel form. This move has slight start up and ending lag.
Down Special Tornado Spin Keeby spins many times and forms a tornado around himself. He can move around slowly in this form. After a set time, Keeby changes back to normal. He is invincible in this form, and can pull opponents towards him. Anyone within range when he changes back will be pushed away.
Up Special Ball Bounce Keeby changes into ball form and bounces upwards. He may bounce in the air or on the ground. Pressing the attack button in the air will change him back. He may also change back if he stops moving. If he does not change back he will bounce a few more times.
Final Smash Crash Keeby causes a large explosion around him, damaging anyone in range heavily. Opponents closest to Keeby will take more damage than those on the edges of the blast.

Alternate Color Schemes

Keeby C.S..jpg

In order from left to right, they are:


Red team

Blue team

Green team

Based off the Carbon colored spray paint


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