Heat Wave
Game Super Smash Bros. Recharged
User Blaziken
Type Pushboxes
Effect Pushboxes, Damage


Blaziken releases a wave of heat that goes around him in a short range and pushes opponents away while also damaging them. Opponents won't flinch when hit with the move.


The move is useful for edge-guarding but the fact that opponents won't flinch from it means Blaziken is left open even when it hits successfully. The move deals 4% to enemies.


The move pushes opponents back.


Heat Wave is a move Blaziken can learn in the Pokémon games.

Custom Variations

Custom Move 2

Heat Blast: The wave is fired in one direction; it deals more damage and makes opponents flinch but has no pushboxes.

Custom Move 3

Growl: The pushboxes are larger and push opponents farther, but the move doesn't deal any damage.

Custom Move 4

Focus Blast: Blaziken stops for a moment, focuses his mind, and then conjures and blasts forth a slow but powerful projectile that pulls in nearby opponents; it doesn't get much range.


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