Fox McCloud (フォックス・マクラウド Fokkusu Makuraudo?) is the main character in the Star Fox video games and leader of the Star Fox team. The son of James McCloud, Fox is an expert pilot and has saved the galaxy from numerous threats. He has appeared in all three Smash Bros. games. His voice actor in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee is Shinobu Satouchi during the fights, and Steve Malpass during the cutscenes in Adventure Mode. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he is voiced by Jim Walker and Kenji Nojima.

Character Description

Fox made his appearance in Star Fox for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. The leader of the Star Fox team, Fox led his team through the Lylat System to save the galaxy from the evil Andross. The game was a huge hit and has led to several sequels. Though the sequel to Star Fox was canceled (when the game was nearly finished), Fox would return in the Nintendo 64 smash hit Star Fox 64 which revealed some key details about Fox's past in this 'updated' Star Fox. Fox's father, James McCloud, who was renowned as one of the greatest pilots of his time, was the leader of the original Star Fox team. Upon investigating the planet Venom, James was presumed killed by Andross. Seeking to avenge his father, Fox formed a new Star Fox team which consisted of his teammates Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare (who was a member of the original team), and Slippy Toad. At the end of Star Fox 64, Fox independently fought and killed Andross at the end of the adventure.

After this, Fox would be featured in his first fighting game in the original Super Smash Bros. and has appeared in every installment of the series since.

Fox would then be featured again in Star Fox Adventures with a new starfox member, Krystal. Which was a departure from the original Star Fox games as it was more of an action/adventure game, which saw Fox rescuing Dinosaur Planet from (unknown at the time) Andross who was seeking to revive himself after the Star Fox team became a pale shadow of its former self. After this, Fox would return in Star Fox Assault, which saw a reinvigorated Star Fox team saving the galaxy from a new threat called the Aparoids. A year later, Fox would return in Star Fox Command.

Melee Attacks

Fast character, mostly kicks etc. just like in all games.

Special Moves



Fox's neutral B move in Super Smash Bros. Universe. Fox can rapidly shoot lasers with his blaster in a straight line to the opponent. The lasers do minor damage but there's no waiting time in it. The lasers also don't make the opponent flinch.

Fox Illusion


In order to perform this attack, the player must hold the control pad to the side, and then press B. Fox Illusion is an extremely fast move, and once activated, will cause Fox to swiftly move across the field. He can use this to hurt opposing fighters as well, although it is not very powerful. It is best used to slash through large amounts of opponents. This move can also be used for recovery if Fox is above a ledge.

If the move is used near an edge, Fox will fall straight off, unable to jump or use recovery moves. However, if the special move button is pressed while Fox is moving, an emergency brake can be activated, stopping Fox.

Fire Fox

Fire Fox Move.jpg

This move is executed by pressing the Up+B. If done correctly, Fox should burst into flames, hold in one spot, and charge up. Once done, the player has to hold the direction that he wants Fox to move in once it charges up enough. He will then move very quickly in that direction, damaging any player he touches. The attack is a powerful move, and can also act as his third jump.


Fox Reflector.jpg

The Reflector is Fox's down special move. It is unique for being able to deflect projectiles back at his opponents, in the same way as Pit's Mirror Shield. Previously, it was widely believed that he generated this force using some form of natural energy, but in Brawl, it was revealed to be a device invented by Slippy Toad. Fox can deal damage to other characters with his reflector if he's close enough, but it's not powerful enough to KO anyone.



Grenade is a special move preformed by Fox by pressing the A and B button at the same time. After being thrown it explodes after a short period of time. When the A and B buttons are held, the grenade will charge and therefore detonate sooner after throwing. Although the character must be careful for if they hold down the charge to long, they can be harmed by the grenades explosion.



Next to the Arwing, the Landmaster Tank is the most powerful weapon the Star Fox team has in the Star Fox series. When Fox collects the Smash Ball, the Landmaster Tank will appear, and he will hop inside it. Opposing players can jump on top of it, but this can be a bad move, as he can roll them off the tank. The jump button allows the Landmaster Tank to hover, downwards causes it to roll around once, which can get players off the tank, and damage them severely, and the attack button fires the very powerful cannon, which can cause massive damage to players hit, possibly an instant KO. If a player is standing on the cannon while it is being blasted, the player will be blasted also. The tank is indestructible, but it is very difficult to turn the tank around; the player must tilt the control pad left or right to turn it, which is actually rather slow.


  • Entrance: Fox jumps out of his Arwing.
  • Taunts:
    • Standard: Makes a red flashing aura around him mimicking Fire Fox and saying "Here I come!"
    • Side: Fox backs up, bends down a bit, and says "Come on!", although it seems faster.
    • Down: Fox throws his blaster around himself, watches it flip, and catches it.
  • Revival Platform: Miniature version of Arwing.
  • Fanfare: Star Fox Fanfare
  • Wins: Crosses his arms while looking to the side.
  • Loses: Claps to the winner with his back turned.

Role in Collide of Universes


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