Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Falco Lombardi solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Falco Lombardi.


The bird-pilot of star fox has come back to his home away from home.

How to Unlock

  • Play 60 standard matches.
  • Clear the 100-Man Match.

Note:You must defeat Falco in a standard match after 1 of the above requirments is met in order to unlock him

  • Get Falco to join your party in "Tabuu's Revenge: Space-Time Chaos". (To do this, find and collect the large Falco trophy)

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Blaster
  • Side Special Move:Falco Phantasm
  • Up Special Move:Fire Bird
  • Down Special Move:Reflector
  • Final Smash:Landmaster

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"This is Snake."

Slippy:"Copy, Snake! This is Slippy."

Snake:"Whaa--! Who is this? WHat are you, some kind of frog?!"

Slippy:"Easy there, buddy!Just thought I'd hop on the wireless and give you a holler. Don't get mad!"

Snake:"Hacked right into my channel, huh..."

Slippy:"But I'm not here to mess nothin' up. Don't worry."


Slippy:"Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and Reflector that I designed, just like Fox does. But Falco will kick his Reflector and send it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you ask me."

Snake:"No reason a weapon can't have more than one use. In fact, I'd say its versatility shows just how well you designed it."

Slippy:"Hey, maybe so! I feel all fuzzy now! Thanks, Snake!"

Snake:"Maybe next time we meet, you can design me a weapon..."

Fighting against Falco

Fighting against a skilled Falco can be difficult. The abuse of short jumps into Dair spikes limits the amount of time you can spend in the air and makes it very difficult to recover once you've been knocked offstage. Get in close, where many of Falco's attacks lose their significance, and Falco will have to rely primarily on smash attacks.

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