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The Egg Smasher is Smash series exclusive boss piloted by Dr. Eggman(aka Dr. Robotnik). For those who have played Sonic Unleashed, this boss is very similar to the Egg Dragoon. For those who haven't played the Blue Blur's most recent release, The Egg Dragoon is similar in appearance to an over-sized Egg Fighter robot with hover jets instead of legs. The Dragoon's right hand has been replaced with a Gatling gun(a type of machine gun) and his left hand has been replaced by a lance that also functions as a drill.

The Egg Smasher is nearly identical to the Egg Dragoon, except that the Smasher has an extra pair of arms, the right of which has a pincer for a hand while the left is a medieval mace. I have no image of either the Egg Smasher or the Egg Dragoon. So until I do, enjoy this image of Dr. Eggman.

You ever wonder where Eggman gets the money for all his machines?

Eggman's storyline

Dr. Eggman, along with the Shake King, sides with Tabuu. His real plans are to betray Tabuu once he has been rewarded. However, Eggman never got the chance to do so as he was defeated by Miiyamoto.


  • When SEGA was trying to replace Alex Kidd as it's mascot, one of their candidates(other than Sonic) was a Theodore Roosevelt look-alike with an egg-shaped body. This later became the template for Dr. Eggman. Another candidate was an anthropomorphic armadillo which later became the template for the Knuckles Chaotix character, Mighty the Armadillo.

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