Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Diddy Kong solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Diddy Kong.

Donkey's little buddy is rested and ready to rumble.


Changes from Brawl

  • When used in midair, Rocketbarrel Boost launches at maximum height and distance with no charge up.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move:Peanut Popgun
  • Side Special Move:Monkey Flip
  • Up Special Move:Rocketbarrel Boost
  • Down Special Move:Banana Peel
  • Final Smash:Rocketbarrel Barrage

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Otacon, there's a chimpanzee here wearing a Nintendo hat."

Otacon:"That's Diddy Kong. He's Donkey Kong's partner. Not only is he a lightweight, he can use wide range of weapons as well. He can fly using those Barrel Jets on his back, and he can shoot nuts with his Peanut Popgun.

Snake:"Peanuts? As in the ones in the little shells? Are you serious?"

Otacon:"Wait, here's the best part. You see them lying on the ground after he shoots? If you pick up some of those peanuts, they'll restore your health a little."

Snake:"Hmm. Edible ammunition, huh...Times sure have changed."

Fighting against Diddy Kong

The fight against Diddy is tough if you can't close the distance and battle at close range. Diddy has many ways to keep you away, but once you get inside, he has limited options. Use rolls and jumps to get in close, but watch out for his downward aerial attack when you're close to a platform's edge. Once you get inside, don't let Diddy get away from you. To win, chase him down and stay close to him at all costs.


  • In his Snake Codec Message, Snake refers to Diddy Kong as a Chimpanzee. This is wrong as Diddy's Seemingly prehensile (hand-like) tail suggests that he is what primatologists call a New World Monkey, a monkey from Latin America.

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