A defeat pose is a pose that characters do when they lose battles. They are very similar to Victory Poses. During a defeat pose, the characters' series' Defeat Theme is heard.

List of Defeat Poses

Super Smash Sisters series

  • Peach: Stomps the ground near herself as she says "Drat! that's not fair! No no no!"
  • Daisy: Shows fists to the referee and starts to growl while he explains "Listen! I can explain! I picked your-WAAAH!" then he starts to run as Daisy chases him.
  • Rosalina: Waves her wand down 2 times then says "Did the Lumas not watch over me?"
  • Samus Aran: Looks at her communicator in dissapointment as command tells her "We warned this about you. Report to base for insubordination."
  • Krystal: Wipes a tear then says "Has my Cerinian power forsaken me?" then cries while hiding her face.
  • Katt Monroe: Breaks her blaster then angrily says "Next time, the bounty on you is mine!"
  • Jigglypuff: Gives a gasp then deflates and falls.
  • Mist: Throws her staff down then yells "My training didn't pay off!"
  • Mia: Throws her sword down then throws a fist down saying "I lowered my guard too much!"
  • Nephenee: Pierces her lance into the ground then says "I never liked the taste of defeat in my mouth now!"
  • Marcia: Marcia stomps the ground as she says "Crackers! That was not the plan!"
  • Lethe: She raises the white flag then says "We'll keep fighting until Gallian victory is guaranteed!"
  • Elincia: Kneels as she shouts "No!" then punches the ground and then says "How can my position as queen not prevail!?"
  • Petrine:Breaks her Flame Lance in half and throws it to the floor while yelling "No, NO! I am not supposed to lose these fights!"
  • Hilda: Crushes a wine glass then shouts "No! We've been defeated?! Why?!"
  • Catalena: Clutches her right side in pain, falls to a kneeling position saying "Death? But my work is not yet...complete..." then falls back and dies.
  • Meryl: Contacts Dr. Hunter then tells her "Dr. Hunter, Colonel, I let you down today.
  • Amy Rose: Sits on her knees, sighs and says "Better luck for me next time."
  • Rouge: Puts her hands out confused saying "I won't be carrying anything today."
  • Cream: Cries on her knees.
  • Chun-Li:Raises some fists to the winner and yells "Next time, there's no luck for you!"
  • Frau Bow: She is taken by Earth Federation paramedics as one of them says "We gotta get Frau to a hospital now!" the medics board Frau to an ambulance then they drive off.
  • Ginchiyo Tachibana:Kneels down and says to the camera "This will be the ONLY time a proud Tachibana concedes."
  • Fox McCloud:Growls then throws his blasters to the ground and sits down saying "Mission failed."
  • Falco Lombardi: Smashes his communicator saying "Why are the skies not always on MY side?"
  • Slippy Toad: hits the ground 3 times then says "Darn it! My miscalculations were correct after all!"
  • Valtome: A mirror shatters near his face then he says "For the first time in my life, someone else was beautiful!"
  • Doc Louis: Looks down then rubs his head telling his female ally "We're making progress kid. Every loss, is a small win."
  • Bald Bull: Gets mad with the referee and yells "I didn't want this match to end like this man!" in Turkish then starts to assault the referee.
  • Kennyo Honganji: Shakes his monk staff 2 times before saying "Enemy of the buddha, why do you not repent?"
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa: Drops his cannon spear and puts a hand on his head in embarrassment saying "Anger is the enemy. I must endure."
  • Toshiie Maeda:Looks at his broken sword then the referee and says "We need to get my blades fixed before the next fight, alright?!" then the referee runs.
  • Katsuie Shibata:Gives a fist with his right hand and threatens "Any who try and anger the Devil Shibata is my enemy!"
  • Ujiyasu Hojo: Crushes his smoking pipe then says "I won't let it happen again!"
  • Kiyomasa Kato:Shakes his head at the ground then tells the winner "My father was right, you guys fight cheap!"
  • Masanori Fukushima: Drops his spear from his right hand, then clutches the right hand into a fist saying "Big head Mitsunari has a lot of explaining for this!" then stomps off.
  • Xu Zhu: His stomach growls then he says "I forgot to eat before heading out."
  • Xiahou Yuan:Shows his broken bow and says "Now here's someone even I can't shoot at."
  • Zhang Liao: Moves his Guanliandao to his left side and says "I shall pull back for now! However, we shall meet in battle again!" then rides off.
  • Xu Huang: Taps his shoulder with his axe as he says "An excellent display of skill." then points the axe at the camera "We shall fight again."
  • Lu Meng: Warns with his halberd "When next we meet, my plan will be foolproof!"
  • Huang Gai:Throws his club away and announces "When I'm back in charge," then says to the winners :you will be the first victim I seek in battle!"
  • Shew: He his weakly holding the part of Thouther's Pyramid he died under in the manga as he wishes "Go forth young one. Change the world of chaos. My spirit will always watch you." then he is crushed by the piece.
  • Dagarl: Writhes in pain as he shouts to his female ally "You used me for all of this?!"
  • Ujimasa Hojo: Looks at 2 of his angry ancestor's spirits and says to the camera "What's great Soun Hojo going to say about this?"
  • Yoshiaki Mogami:Dunks tea from his cup on the referee then says "That's exactly what happens when you don't obey my orders!"
  • Sorin Otomo: Complains to the referee "You goofed me off, the entire match. Get out!" then the referee leaves.
  • Muneshige Tachibana (Sengoku Basara): Falls to his knees and drops his chainsaws while saying "I can't believe i dishonored Zabbyism and the likeness of my lord."
  • Yoshitsugu Otani:Brings his spheres together then gloats "We will keep fighting until victory is ours."
  • Kotaro Fuma (Sengoku Basara): Kotaro looks at the referee who tells him "Please! I chose the winner! Plea-" before the ref can finish, Kotaro strikes the referee down then teleports away.
  • Motochika Chosokabe:Throws his anchor spear down then walks up saying "Next time we meet..." then points to the winner "We'll use you for shark bait!"
  • Motonari Mouri: Lays his ring blade down then says to his femaly ally "Let this be the only time the sun's children face defeat!"
  • Kojuro Katakura:Kneels then clutches a hand into a fist as he says "No matter what you try, the war is never over until it is done."
  • Hideaki Kobayakawa: Looks left then right and runs off while yelling "Ah! Ah! Somebody help me! Save me!" as 2 Germans follow after him with guns.
  • Yoshishige Satake: Trips and nearly falls but his spear catches him. He then tells his opponent "Why don't you help me about my legs next time we meet?"
  • Hirotsuna Utsunomiya: Pets his weakened tiger as he says "That's okay girl. We may have lost, but victory is ours next time."
  • Yoritsuna Anegakoji: holds a burning tree branch then says to the winner "You are forbidden to set foot in my forest, ever again."
  • Hideie Ukita: Sheathes his sword then walks away telling his opponent "We shall give you the field today."
  • The Beast:The Beast snarls menacingly at the referee who reasons "Now listen, his princeship, I had no choice. I named-" then runs off while the Beast chases him on all fours.

Super Smash Bros. X2

  • Blanca: Almost starves, but eats her pen.
  • Mr. Resetti: A voice bubble appears over his head that says "I'VE BEEN SHOWN WHO'S BOSS!!!"
  • Timmy and Tommy: Yells at the victor and throw stones at the victor.
  • Tom Nook: Same thing as Timmy and Tommy.
  • Mable: Puts a closed sign up furiously.
  • Sable: Same as Mable.
  • K.K. Slider: Slams his guitar on the ground.
  • Pelly: Holds a flower, sniffs it, and falls backward. The flower then wilts.
  • Phyliss: Flies away sadly.
  • Tortimer: A voice bubble appears over his head that says "GET OFF MY LAWN!!!"
  • Labbelle: Makes a garrote out of her spikes and strangles the third place winner. (If Labbelle is in third place, she'll strangle herself.)
  • Dr. Kawashima: Yells "Detention!"
  • Ray MK I/II/III: Runs off screen
  • Donkey Kong: Pounds the ground with his fist.
  • Diddy Kong: Takes off his hat and scratches his head.
  • Dixie Kong: Falls  backwards, then sits up and cries.
  • Funky Kong: Looks shocked and says "That's not cool, yo..."
  • Cranky Kong: Yells at the victor.
  • Wrinkly Kong: Vanishes into thin air.
  • Candy Kong: Cries on her legs.
  • Swanky Kong: Spins a wheel, which lands on "Death", and he falls through a trap door
  • Chunky Kong: Same as Donkey Kong.
  • Lanky Kong: Inflates himself and floats away.
  • Donkey Kong Jr.: Stomps the ground in spite.
  • Baby Donkey Kong: Looks confused.
  • Tiny Kong: Runs around, then slips on a banana peel and falls face first.
  • Ninten: Swings his bat around in dismay.
  • Ness: Same as Ninten.
  • Lucas: Same as Ninten and Ness, except he swings a stick.
  • Poo: Falls back and turns into a peach (fruit). (This may be a reference to "Momotaro", a famous Japanese Fairy Tale about a boy born from a peach.)
  • Paula: Starts crying.
  • Jeff: Looks shocked and says "I calculated everything! It doesn't match up!".
  • Mr. Saturn: Makes his trademark noise and runs away.
  • Porky: Bangs his head on the ground.
  • Male/Female ExciteBiker: Drives away.
  • Marth: Says "紛失、どのように私は失う可能性があるか。" (Translation: "I lost, how could I lose?")
  • Roy: Says "ああ-なし。" (Translation: "Oh-no...")
  • Ike: Says "All wins can be lost, I must concentrate."
  • Marcus: Kneels and says "I... can't... lose... here..." and falls to the ground.
  • Hector: Says "No.. not now!"
  • Eliwood: Same as Roy.
  • Lyndis: Says "No... I failed my goal."
  • Mist: Yells "Oh shoot!" and runs away.
  • Titania: Says "I need to train more." and starts training. (Titania is the only character that doesn't take failure negatively)
  • Greil: Says "No... I'm sorry, Ike."
  • Gharnef: Screams and falls into a dark portal.
  • Nergal: Burns into a pile of ash, similar to Dracula exposed to sun light.
  • Zephiel: Gets locked inside a cage and screams "I can't be stuck here forever!"
  • Dheginsea: Burns and runs away.
  • Caineghis: Complains about his failure.
  • Ashnard: Does hara-kiri. (Hara-kiri is a suicide in Japan, I which a warrior stabs him/herself in the heart or stomach)
  • Captain Falcon: Drives away.
  • Jody Summer: Drives in and asks "Did I miss anything?" and as soon as the announcer says who the winner is, she drives out and says "That's it, I'm out of here."
  • Zoda: Runs while the police pursue him.
  • Dr. Stewart: Says "But... my father."
  • Pico: Says "I lost to a bunch of idiots!"
  • Samurai Goroh: Pursues the other losers with his katana. In 2nd, he chases 3rd and 4th. In 3rd, he chases 2nd and 4th. In 4th, he chases 3rd and 2nd.
  • All Game & Watch characters: Melts into pixels.
  • Isaac: Says "I still have a long way to go..."
  • Garet: Says "No! I have a wife and one kid!"
  • Ivan: Sighs and says "OK, just once more."
  • Mia: Talks about the laws of physics.
  • Felix: Says "This is something I don't want."
  • Jenna: Waves her staff around with sorrow.
  • Piers: Fails at doing a midair karate chop.
  • Sheba: Gets hit by a small rock.
  • Pit: Says "No... I'm sorry Palutena."
  • Palutena: Says "But it was worth every sacrifice!"
  • Medusa: Turns into stone and crumbles.
  • Kirby: Flies away on his Warpstar.
  • Rick: Gives a confused look.
  • Gooey: Inflates and flies away.
  • King Dedede: Whacks himself on the head and falls to the ground.
  • Meta Knight: Falls to the ground. Then his mask falls of and he vanishes.
  • Knuckle Joe: Face palms himself.
  • Waddle Dee: Runs away.
  • Captain Waddle Dee: Same as Waddle Dee.
  • Starfy/Stafy: Make his crying noise and runs off screen.
  • Starly: Stomps around.
  • Moe: Closes his shell.
  • Ruby: Looks around and looks away.
  • Ogura: Vanishes into thin air.
  • Toon Link: Fails to catch a pig.
  • Toon Zelda/Tetra: Sighs.
  • Gwonan: Says "You just opened a can of whoop-*bleep*!"
  • The King: Says "You piece of my ship!"
  • Impa: Says "Oh my!" and gets chased by a dodongo.
  • Toon Ganondorf: Gets sealed in the Book of Koridai and says "NO! NOT INTO THE PIT! IT BURNS! YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!
  • Link: Says his trademark "Huh?" from Link: The Faces of Evil. (This also happens with the other forms of Link)
  • Morshu: Says "You little...!"
  • Young Link: Throws a bottle of milk at the victor.
  • Young Zelda: Says "Go punch yourself!" in her CD-i voice.
  • Ganondorf: Disappears in a cloud of darkness.
  • Gerudo: Runs away from a crazed fan boy.
  • Tingle: Floats away on his balloon.
  • Skull Kid: Turns into "the useless puppet he is."
  • The Monkeys: Looks at the screen.
  • Vaati: Turns his back to the opponent.
  • Ezlo: Disappears.
  • Beedle/Terry: Looks at the screen.
  • Dampé: Slams his shovel onto the ground.
  • Like Like: Dissolves.
  • Redead: Falls apart.
  • Gibdo: Gets covered in a shroud while saying "THE SHROUD! NO! IT'S WOVEN!" and dies.
  • Octorok: Gets served on a platter.
  • Hero: Complains about his failure.
  • Lassi: Sits down and ignores the other contestants.
  • Mokka: Shuts down.
  • Mario: Goes through a warp pipe.
  • Luigi: Runs off screen.
  • Toad: Says "Oh-no", then falls backwards
  • Toadette: Same as Toad
  • Daisy: Looks at the ground and sniffs a daisy (flower) to drown her sorrows.
  • Peach: Looks at the ground and eats a peach (fruit) to drown her sorrows.
  • Bowser: Breaths fire on the ref.
  • Dr. Mario: Throws pills around.
  • Bowser Jr.: Runs at the camera.
  • Baby Bowser: Same as Bowser.
  • Baby Mario: Same as Mario.
  • Baby Luigi: Same as Luigi
  • Baby Peach: Same as Peach.
  • Baby Daisy: Same as Daisy.
  • Baby Wario: Throws a magnet at the screen.
  • Yoshi: Falls on it's back in exhaustion (This goes to all colors)
  • Paper Mario: Same as Mario.
  • Paper Luigi: Same as Luigi.
  • Paper Peach: Gets carried away by Koopatrols.
  • Paper Bowser: Gets flattened.
  • Birdo: Falls on her side dramatically.
  • Popple: Gets chased by the police.
  • Fawful: Gets launched away.
  • Underchomp: Disappears in fire.
  • Koopa Troopa: Retreats into its shell.
  • Urchin: Sinks into a pond.
  • Spiny: Same as Koopa Troopa.
  • Buzzy Beetle: Same as Koopa Troopa.
  • Koopa Paratroopa:  It's wing falls apart
  • Shy Guy: Flies away.
  • Goomba: Gets flattened by a rock.
  • Bandit: Gives a priceless look.
  • Lakitu: Floats away.
  • Rosalina: Disappears in stars.
  • Bob-omb: Explodes.
  • Bully: Falls into lava.
  • Sidesteppers: Gets thrown off screen.
  • Samus: Sighs and goes into her ship.
  • Kraid: Falls.
  • Ridley: Bursts into flames.
  • Mother Brain: Explodes.
  • Puppy: Gets called by its owner.
  • Dog: Same as Puppy.
  • Olimar: Gets chased by a bulborb.
  • Louie: Gets chased by a puffshroom.
  • Pikmin Team: Gets eaten by a sheargrub.
  • Flyer: Flies away.
  • May: Stomps the ground angrily
  • Ash: Sits down with anger.
  • Brock: Says "For the ladies!"
  • Gary: Cowers over his defeat.
  • Jessie and James: Blasts off. (again!)
  • Pokemon Ranger: A mission failed sign appeared.
  • All Punch-out Characters: The ref says "10! Knockout!"
  • Lip the Fairy: Plays with blocks.
  • Saki Amamiyama: Mourns over his failure.
  • Tails: Sits dizzingly rubbing his head

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Smash Bros. aDp edit

Little Mac:Doc Luis would growl at Little Mac

Diddy Kong:Diddy Kong will throw his hat and crush it

Pikachu:Pikachu begin to mourn

Freddy Fazbear:Freddy look down with a look of sadness

Chica:Chica will starting moving across the screen angry

Luigi:Luigi look at you with the "Death Stare" and says "Mamma mia, and all this for you!!!"

Mario:Mario says "Mamma Mia!!!" sad

Wolf:Wolf is angry and says "You finally beat me....." to the opponent

If is vs Fox says "Can´t let you do that, Star Fox"

Then I put more

Super Smash Bros Omega

Shadow Mario-Transforms into Bowser Jr. and Bowser Jr goes "Aww Man."

Toad-Toad bends his head down

Shy Guy-Shy Guy cries

Omega Lord-Breaks his staff


Elsa-Mumbles Let It Go

Derp Face-Falls on the ground and says DERP!

Super smash bros. Crossover

  • Charles calvan:Appears in his grave


  • Zuma, Skye, and Marshall simply clap like most of the other fighters
    • Zuma simply sleeps when there's a No Contest while Skye, Rocky, and Marshall clap.
    • His Defeat theme is only heard in World of Light, Classic, and All-Star modes. In Smash, Online Smash, and Smash Run, the Victory Theme of the Winner is heard instead with Zuma/Skye/ Marshall in the 2nd, 3rd, and so on slots instead.
    • Chase claps too, but then ceases clapping and gets sad about something unrelated.
    • Rubble wimps about losing the match, even with the No Contest Screen.

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