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Custom Pokémon Trainers are a mechanic similar to Mii Fighters. Just like them, you choose or make a Mii to determine your Trainer's appearance. However, you must choose up to 3 Pokémon (Fighters, not Assist Trophies), which you can switch between, basically like the existing Pokémon Trainer.

Type Effectiveness is in play with the Pokémon you use. When an attack would be super effective (2x) according to the Pokémon Type Chart, it will deal 10% additional knockback. With 4x effectiveness, that becomes 25%. The same applies to not very effective moves, but then knockback is decreased.

Note: when a move would have 0x effectiveness, it will deal 25% less knockback, just like 1/4x effectiveness.

This feature is now in use for the Super Smash Bros. Royal Edition fangame.

Final Smash is determined by the following: The type effectiveness will be normal, by standard. The animation is a combined attack of your 3 Pokémon. Stats must still be determined. 

Although the type effectiveness is 1x, the text will still show: "It's super effective!"


I do not know if it is a good idea to add Critical Hits (+25% damage and/or knockback).

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