Corall is the Story mode for Super Smash Bros. Colossal.

Chapter 1

Knuckles is taking a break from guarding. Bowser comes with Rosalina in a cage. Knuckles Defeats Bowser with a mega ground punch freeing Rosalina the two team up to defeat the 2 robotic Goombas.Her Luma becomes asleep and is lost.

Chapter 2

Pikachu is trying to fly with Kirby, Link doesn't bother he takes a nap and is zapped by Bowser the duo storm away.

Chapter 3

Mametchi, Peach, Gary Oak, Ash Ketchum and Dawn are training when Mametchi gets chased by Bowser Dawn sends out Pachirisu to nibble the net Bowser has got Mametchi in. It works but, Mametchi dances with pride and gets turned into a trophy by Wario. Wario laughs and drives away with Mona. Pachirisu has a Flashback.
Picture 10


Chapter 4

Sonic and Lucario are having a race and is stopped by Tails and points to Sonic then Amy.He looks at Amy and Amy is crying because has lost her necklace.

Chapter 5

Lucario's Eyes gets blinded by the sun and stops, making Sonic win the race. Tails calms down Amy. Sonic challenges Lucario to back to Amy he accepts its on picking a shiny thing Amy jumps up with pride while the worlds fastest Hedgehog winning yet again and overall. It's Amy necklace she wears it and attacks Wario out of the River like magic Mona comes along too!To fight Bowser.Mona is defeated by Amy. Amy attacks Bowser he doges and leaps over the river and is gone with Link in his hand.

Chapter 6

Mario and Marth spot Bowser grabs Link while Marth fights and encounter R.O.B.

Chapter 7

Pikachu protects Kirby when Bowser kicks Pikachu. Pikachu is in pain.

Chapter 8

Kirby finds some drinks for Pikachu after Pikachu was kicked by Bowser. A spark gets Pikachu up after the drinks Kirby Had a try of the spare drink in was water plain water to Kirby.

Chapter 9

They are about to leave when Link's hat flows down the river they grab it.

Chapter 10

Dr.Lobe is teaching Daisy a lesson about fighting the meet Ike who joins in but Dr.Eggman comes and crashes the party it's Doctor V Doctor!

Chapter 11

It's a double knockout Ike Sprints away in panic with Daisy in Captain Falcon's car with Capatain Falcon in shock so He's on his own having to grab the two Doctors.

Chapter 12

Falco comes to help out of the blue and grabs Dr.Eggman.

Chapter 13

Imagine Is Making some biscuits and Cooking Mama Arrives,Cooking Mama challenges Imagine To A Cook Off. Let The Best Cook Win! Piplup Cries with joy and comes and takes hugs Cooking Mama. Dawn Returns Piplup:Piplup Ran.

Chapter 14

Gino,Cap'n'Ginny,Cowgirl Ginny and Stevie See Them Cooking Mona And Wario Follow Them. It's now a four-way-pizza fight!

Chapter 15

Vector and Charmby Have Lost Espio and then time slows down.

Chapter 16

King .K. Rool Turns Finds Bowser and Pikachu them Into trophies. King grabs them he is about to zap Kirby when Perry rescues Kirby.

Chapter 17

Rosalina and Knuckles browses the jungle only to find the Kremlings Kalypso Tags along the rest wait.

Chapter 18

Deoxys Creeps up behind Samus, Samus immeadetly attacks back with a backflip-kick.Deoxys, falls. Samus then opens a pipe leading to a main road Olimar and some Pikmin Come out Cold and wet Mist follows, Marth is at the other side watching and attacks Samus and Olimar then Mist uses her Final smash to Stop Marth.Marth understands. Where's R.O.B?

Chapter 19

Luma meets up with a giant Slaking and her young Skloath. The Slaking falls a sleep so the Skloath and the Luma goes to explore the sewers.

Chapter 20

Knuckles spots that Luma is gone Snake suddenly appears from the roof and is the only suspect.

Chapter 21

Deoxys revives it self infact Luma comes out tired with Skloath. Skloath used Yawn. Using Rest Luma eventually cames back to normal status. Olimar Panics all the Pikmin attack Deoyxs. They kept on Multiplying. The Pikmin saw Sumo Kong using a multiplying gun.

Chapter 22

Peach,Gary Oak,Ash Ketchum,Dawn are all chasing Perry. Dawn has no choice and barley no Pokemon. Ambipom had to use double hit. Perry Stopped.

Chapter 23

Sumo Kong had Ditto on his shoulder.Ditto was a Deoxys. They did the same with 'all' of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. King .K. Rool is Hypnotyzing Sumo Kong and Ditto.

Chapter 24

Pit sends a arrow at A Target Mario carlessly grabs Pit and points to the sky, Meta Knight is crashing the Halberd. Yoshi is already on the job.

Chapter 25

Bolt is Sprinting he leaps only to know that he is falling he lands on a roof slips and then calmly swoops onto the grass the 4 Nintendogs approach him Toadette comes along with Toad and Toadsworth Peach,Gary Oak, Ash, and Dawn are shorlty to follow. Ambipom gets returned and Drops Perry. Peach picks Perry up. Peach & Perry are happy and reunited again!

Chapter 26

Mario's hat flies onto King DeDeDe the Ship gets a ultimate stop! It was Sumo Kong and Sumo Kong (Ditto). Normalized. Meta Knight leaps out Yoshi fights him in the air. Meta Knight falls to the ground as a egg (By Yoshi's Final smash).Smash Balls roam the Halberd.

Chapter 27

Olimar spots a flood rising Deoxys fits through a tunnel and scrambles away. Doctor Octopus Laughs

Chapter 28

Snake finds the near miss ruins and drives the Halberd to Yoshi Island. Moltz The Very Goonie Welcomes Snake.

Chapter 29

Tom Nook has just sold a turnip to Jack when a rumbling noise occurs. Bree,Agent-S Comes outside. K.K Slider enters shocked preparing for his next concert by tuning his guitar. Vaati's Vine Volcano flies and Erupts luckily the volcano erupts slowly but, K.K. Slider's Mansion nearby gets knocked down. Vaati sniffs.

Chapter 30

A Army of rabbids led by Rayman meets up with a load of Mii's lead by Luigi. The rumble is felt 3 seconds later and then Luigi's Mansion Falls down!!!

Chapter 31

Two Duos meet in the Jungle to make 4 Banjo & Kazooie and Diddy and Donkey Kong They face a Kremling army (wihout Kalypso). The Tremor knocks down the Kremlings but, the other 4 were jumping. Kass throws a coconut, Donkey Ducks. The 4 Go to warn Rosalina and her Luma with Knuckles about Kalypso.

Chapter 32

The Tremor saves the flood for about 2 seconds. Doctor Octoupus blocks the leaks. He scrambles away. A Car comes past and re-opens it. Just then some lava smashes a window store. He returns and plunges it in, turns around and sees the lava he gets back Samus uses her final smash. Doctor Octopus dodges while the two elements meet. Deoxys left some spikes they all follow them.

Chapter 33

Waluigi meets up with Wario and Mona at B L O B to see the trophies they have collected. Waluigi has none but, Wario and Mona have DeBlob appears Waluigi shoots straight away. Wario only has Mametchi. They team up to explore.

Chapter 34

Pit sees Link (who has just woken up) seeing Bowser footprints and then stops Pit walks into a wall only just put in front of them King Boo appears. AiAi smashes the wall in to smitherines.

Chapter 35

Memetchi leaves Tamatown and goes in to a sea finding Some Coral made out of pearls. Sqirtle uses water gun washing Memetchi up with the tide.

Chapter 36

Red Blinky is chasing Pac-man and Ms.Pac Man and All of a suuden they turn 3D.Sheen and Libby stop playing and run away they rush out of the screen.Jimmy and co. have to stop this!

Chapter 37

Megaman Finds a device to go time traveling he goes to 20XX And shortly returning. Only to find Captain Falcon Their and then Wario, Mona and Waluigi the brothers shoot. Captain Falcon Dives in front of Megaman dodging the first shot. Waluigi picks up Captain Falcon. Megaman grabs the gun when Waluigi gets close and shoots Wario, Mona tries to escape, but on the way Megaman shoots Waluigi too. The 3 are picked up by Megaman.Leaving Captain Falcon behind, Evil Megaman returns to 20XX To find a veichle to store them in. Megaman returns with some transport. On the way back he remembers he left Captain Falcon there. Sumo Kong and Ditto Have just picked it up.Sumo Kong Hears a sound. Ditto makes a duplicate of Captain Falcon. Sumo Hides the trophy in a vent in blowed it away. Megaman Got confused and shot Sumo. Megaman turned to browse for a energy source.Ditto climbed in to the vent and picking up Sumo. Megaman screamed and then just drove off.

Chapter 38

Fox smiles at Krystal, ready to travel to a undersea mission. The ship all of a sudden gets torn in two Meta Ridely appears.

Chapter 39

Sheen gets distracted at the new games store with a limited edition Game & Watch both of the game and watches stop Pac-Man and Ms..

Chapter 40

Ramone is bouncing over Raidiator Springs. Mater and Lightning Are the 'only' other people there.

Chapter 41

Dante is hopping in a dark cave when a whisper is heard to and echo. Dante Sprints. It was Nero playing a trick.

Chapter 42

Patrick grabs a bubble blower and starts to blow a jellyfish Spongebob just caught popped it. Krabs then chases a dollar with Plankton to follow Patrick blows the next one turning into a dollar bubble. Sandy appears and slices it in half it then multiplies. It's up to the 5 to deafeat it.

Chapter 43

Poof goes under the sea meeting up with Spongebob and co.. Poof returns to Dimmsdale in Timmy's room.

Chapter 44

Meta Knight arrives at Yoshi Island with Yoshi.A few seconds later Megaman follows.He shoots Yoshi first followed by Moltz, Meta Knight and Snake. He collects them and laughs.

Chapter 45

Billy Hatcher and Clippen are sprinting to a tune Sebastian Tute suddenly runs out of a flower bed with a violin lullaby Clippen gets waken up by Running Piplup.

Chapter 46

Ambipom uses Double Team Around Birdo. Jigglypuff puffs up and attacks Birdo from a graasy field. You can hear Dawn screaming. 4 Goombas appear you must defeat them and Birdo!

Chapter 47

Ash goes solo and finds Snake, Gliscor uses Sandstorm on the trophy you now must face Snake at Yoshi Island!

Chapter 48

Rayquaza is underground sensing something at the other side of the lake it is A Baby Pichu, Mewtwo is taking care of they team up to find a safe place for Pichu. Then Birdo attacks Pichu you now must deafeat Birdo with Ambipom and Jigglypuff shortly to follow.

Chapter 49

Piplup is now in the sea. Piplup gets tired and is found underwater by Memetchi. Megaman arrives at the Beach and sees the pearls. You must defeat Megaman!

Chapter 50

Snake points to the sea there is a whirlpool. Piplup is angry and using whirlpool. It must be stopped. Memetchi runs.

Chapter 51

Vaati turns into a Vaati's true self and flies over the sea.

Chapter 52

Gliscor is returned. For now...

Chapter 53

Doshin The Giant crushes the Coral and the pearls apart from 1 Memetchi's holding 1 you've got to calm down Doshin and Vaati!

Chapter 54

Vaati flies away in bat form in the water lava sinks into the crushed Corall Gliscor is back and brings it back like a boiling potato.

Chapter 55

Samus embraces the newly fake Luma for comfort and finds a heap of Koopa Troopa's to face she changes to Zero Suit and one lucky Koopa survives, he peeks round the corner and joins the team. The team Follow the Koopa with the Pikmin scared.

Chapter 56

Stephen gets captured the rest of the MySims don't realise it is Meta Ridely.

Chapter 57

Captain Falcon is racing Jody Summers and Jody wins Toadette and the Nintendogs appear with the Pokemon Trainers shortly to follow. The evil trio attack. Cloud Strife blocks the shot and then Spyro does. Those two are the now trophies, with leaders with broken weaponary Mona walks to the others Wario and Waluigi follow taking Cloud Strife and Spyro with them.

Chapter 58

Stephen riskly leaps off into a jungle and there is Knuckles, Rosalina and Kalypso. Seconds later, the DK's appear with Banjo and Kazooie. Which side is Stephen on?

Chapter 59

Issac is using his assist move from brawl against Piers along with Alex which they try to dodge Meanwhile, the Benders appear Katara & Aang. Sokka is bending with Zuko and Falls they must match powers with each other to join forces.

Chapter 60

Meta Ridely roars and soars as he realises Stephen is gone. He smashes a building it is Little Mac playing Pizza Pasta, the rivals must team up to defeat Meta Ridely.

Chapter 61

Half-Way Through, Meta Ridely Escapes and bumps into Ridely. They fight while soaring into areas. The jungle group see all Meta Ridely sinks into the water smashing the crushed Coral. Ridely survives and then faints infront of them.

Chapter 62

Pizza Pasta meets Gino in a mall, Little Mac Greets the others.