Ryanwebb066 Ryanwebb066 8 December 2020

Smash Bros DLC Fighter Pass Predictions

Hi guys. This is my first ever blog post. With the reveal of Steve from Minecraft, you kind of have to wonder who's next to join the Smash roster. I mean, Nintendo is pretty much letting anyone join at this point. So, here are my predictions.

  1. Crash Bandicoot - a popular request, Crash might join the roster assuming Activision lets him in.
  2. Spyro- same reason as Crash.
  3. Classic Sonic- Sonic's 30th anniversary is coming up, and Sonic has been the only Sonic fighter in Smash for too long!
  4. Dr. Neo Cortex- we started with a Crash Bandicoot character, and I'm ending with a Crash Bandicoot character. Again, assuming Activision lets him in, Cortex is possible in my opinion.
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GDAndres GDAndres 7 December 2020

Rendering Roblox Avatars!

So yea i learned how to make roblox renders smash bros style so you can put in the comments your roblox username below and ill do what I can do so tell me if you want it R6 or R15, shading, and all stuff like that! :D

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XeroSchnee20 XeroSchnee20 9 November 2020

For Tadghy:

If you make a comeback with a different account, i will kick your @$$ outta of this wiki. I know you're Tadghy because that is your original account, you are only using different FANDOM accounts, but they are managed by the same person. Hey coward, your anti-Rayman reign has come to an end. A very painful end. bye.

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XeroSchnee20 XeroSchnee20 22 October 2020

Hey All!! Scott Here

This fan art goes to the user Rickrolling:

Thanks for reading this post. Rick, feel free for insulting me, i'll read it with pleasure.

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Rickrolling Rickrolling 22 October 2020

Stop making pages with rayman

Rayman sucks so stop making pages with him or i will edit it

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Demondude54 Demondude54 8 October 2020


I have nothing to say...

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LeoGames2012 LeoGames2012 5 October 2020


This is a Blog,We blogged Now after this!

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 14 April 2020

The i cant think of a title, update

ok so im giving up on the Devoted achievement as i just cant do it.

i -MAY- do a moveset as i have nothing to do (not doing it in May)

short but simple

ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 13 April 2020

the other yet another update

ok so hello there!

i`m taking a long break from making movesets due to me having bad connection

sad times

but anyway this was very short but

ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 11 April 2020

the other, other update

ok idk why but maybe i was lazy and accidentally missed a day as my counter for the devoted achievement has reset


but its ok and i probably will make a moveset tommorrow but who knows what could happen


ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 10 April 2020

The Other Update

Hello, ive been good and hope you all are too.

ive been talking to friends and just doing "normal" things..

also the secret characters were the banana splits

but which one will it be?


Ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 9 April 2020

again another update

i`ll be unactive for a few days probably but i will do daily updates of what i`m doing

also their is a special character i may do soon

and it may -split- some expectations

so yeah

ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 7 April 2020

yet another update

this is the upcoming characters i may do but i dont fully know when:

UT: Asgore, Temmie

TF2: Soldier, Sniper, Spy, Pyro, Demoman

FNAF: Chica, Foxy, Funtime Freddy, 

i may find more to do though!

Ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 6 April 2020

Another Update

Hello Again! I may not make many movesets anymore, i`ve ran out of ideas but who knows?

i do know a few TF2, UT and remakes i could do but idk when

this was short but

ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 5 April 2020

Obsolete Update

Hello! well i may not be doing much now cuz im doing well other thingd

plus i`m doing stuff my friends

so yes this blog is very short

Ciao - Mr Exotic Goldue

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 4 April 2020

Electron-sized update

This is my final "small" words blog post so r.i.p

anyway i may add Palutena`s Guidence`s to other movesets, and i may also add classic mode`s to movesets.

Next alternative moveset may be coming yet i currently dont know who to do one for the ones i wanna do are; Luigi, Bowser and Kirby so i`m going to make my decision tomorrow (technically a few hours) and do the other 2 in the future.

and i may do more fnaf characters.


Ciao - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 2 April 2020

Quark-sized blog

Hello im back again

i may make more remakes of my old things or i may just make another Alternative Movesets

Also at the time of making this blog post my Naughty Bear moveset has 939 categories (What is wrong with me)

anyway this was short

Ciao- Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 2 April 2020

Subatomic Update

ok so im running out of moves for characters but whatever

im trying to get the 30 day achievement which will be annoying and long (Im quite impatient)

i have added over 3000 categories to pages which, to my knowledge, has not been done by anybody else, yet, on here.

anyway i may make another remake or a new moveset in a few hours, more or less, so look out.

Sayonara - Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 31 March 2020

Atomic Update

ok i need more small words

Anyway ive had quite a break for a few weeks so im sorry if i promised anything

but i did make the Freddy Fazbear Remake so at least i did a remake

anyway thats all

Ciao- Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 13 March 2020

moleculer update

ok probably last "small" blog updates. did you like the overuse of words that mean small? i didn`t

anyway the reason i haven`t done much in like 2-3 days is because of school and some personal stuff

plus i have been on other fanon things.

next character will be a TF2 or a different one idk yet.

Ciao Sayonara -Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 12 March 2020

mimuscule update

sorry i left out that moveset..

i dont know if i can make one soon as i had/have other things to do

the remakes may be coming but i dont have ideas yet


ciao -Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 11 March 2020

Micro Update

was unactive yesterday sorry had stuff to do (deviantart)

i should get at least 1 moveset up tomorrow (or just like 12 hours from when im making this)

hopefully that will make up for me skipping a day and only posting a blog.

i may add a QandA Blog post for anybody to message questions (i want them on a blog cuz)

Ciao, sayonara, bye- Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 10 March 2020

mini update

i will be editing and maybe taking breaks

im still trying to get acheivments

and also yes its a minor update btw heres a riddle for the next character im going to make

A M E R I C A (screaming)

anyway Sayonara -Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 9 March 2020

small update

ok i will be doing more TF2, indie game, and more characters

also i may not post as much as i may be doing achievments and i may just be doing anything else


i may be "Remaking" some of my old movesets to make them better as i may have multiple ideas, et cetera,

anyway be free to msg me if you want to ask questions, get movesets idead et cetera (may not reply right away look above why)

btw im british (yes)

so ciao lad,amigo,friend,chum,pal -Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 6 March 2020

Future Blog

so this about some edits and future movesets

im editing other movesets to add Palutena`s Guidence

ill be making a few ut characters, a few inde, a fnaf character or to and a special moveset

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 5 March 2020

Whats in the future

i may edit more posts ive done

so imma actually be doing more movesets today (promise)

also you may have wondered why im trying to get alot of achievements..well its because im bored and other reasons

Blog Over! (i had to edit this)

~ Mr Exotic Goldie 

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 4 March 2020

Excuse me what?

Soooo maybe i fell asleep.  for many hours lol (God im lazy)

but look hopefully tomorrow or another day i can do another moveset (its way to late to do one in the UK currently)

but whatever lets hope i dont be lazy again

Ciao- Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 1 March 2020

OK Heres some characters i (MIGHT) make a moveset for

Hello! so im going to do alot more characters from games so yeah

I have a few characters in mind that i want to do a moveset for so beware!!!

Ok Ok! so when i made my sans moveset i said Papyrus would play a role in it but i couldnt get a moveset thought of


so make sure to watch out for the Papyrus moveset!!!

Ciao!!! ~Mr Exotic Goldie

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 26 February 2020

Unfortunate Update

sorry to say but i wont be doing papyrus since he is too much like sansplus papyrus doesnt have much differant

EDIT: i finally finished the papyrus moveset

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Mr Exotic Goldie Mr Exotic Goldie 26 February 2020

papyrus and more

i know a few characters i wanna do since i have ideas for them

btw papyrus is coming soon

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Heroic412229 Heroic412229 26 January 2020

I need your opinion.

As the title suggests, I need your full opinion on my character Sid the Hero, and his move-set. As well as if he's too overpowered or not. I also need help on some of his moves, attacks, and attributes that fit into both his personality and abilities. Thank you and have a great day.

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LukaKirigiri LukaKirigiri 13 March 2019

I need help!

Hey! I'm Luke, I'm working on this ambitious fan-project and I need help. It's called Project Restart, it's a fan-project that includes ips of lots of well-knowns video game companies. I'm still in the process of finishing the roster images, and the stage roster images, but I'm gonna need help on a few a thing uwu I'd like to know...

1) Am I missing anyone out? 

After I finish publishing all roster images, I'd like to know if there's anyone you think is missing. An important franchise, a character, in your own opinion who would be a good inclusion.

2) Move-sets

It's phisically impossible for me to come up with move-sets for most of these characters (that mostly i barely know), there's like 500 characters in my roster, so it would be nice if some …

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NutterButterCookie NutterButterCookie 21 July 2018


Mario cool is

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DerpyDragoYY DerpyDragoYY 12 July 2018

Miguel Ravelo

That one annoying user keeps editing my Super Smash Bros. Extended page in which I literally wrote on it NOT TO EDIT. Please share this issue with the moderators, somebody. I do not know who the moderators are.

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IggyKoopa408-fduser IggyKoopa408-fduser 24 August 2017

Top 10 WORST Smash Bros Items!

Sadly, some of the items are NOT really that good, and when you get them, you feel kind of bummed that you got that item. Hey, I'm IggyKoopa408, and here are my Top 10 WORST Smash Bros Items.

You see a Crate, and then you break it open to see what's inside. You need to be careful not to screw up with the Green Shell. This item roams around in one direction, and trying to hit opponents by throwing it just allows them to dodge it easily by letting them jump. The idea and concept behind this item is great, but it's just too easy to avoid it (which is I guess why it needs to be removed from future Smash Bros games and the Red Shell needs to return).

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GreenNess GreenNess 21 August 2017

"Reinventing" my account

Hey everyone, its MLG Ness on a new account. After seeing what Spooky Bloo Bloo (PrimalQuilfish) did with his new account, and wanting to do it for some time anyways, i decided i would create a new account and restart. Not much to say right now, but ill be adding stuff to my profile, and being less silly in general about everything than i did with MLG Ness.

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.scatteredreams .scatteredreams 30 July 2017

Super Smash Bros. Dustup Update Blog

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IggyKoopa408-fduser IggyKoopa408-fduser 9 July 2017

Top 5 BEST and WORST Smash Bros Items!

It's time to start smashing! Let's look at the top 5 Best and Worst Smash Bros Items. Without further ado, let's go.

  • 1 Top 5 BEST Smash Bros Items
    • 1.1 Number 5 (BEST)
    • 1.2 Number 4 (BEST)
    • 1.3 Number 3 (BEST)
    • 1.4 Number 2 (BEST)
    • 1.5 And Now, the Number 1 BEST Smash Bros Item Is!
  • 2 Top 5 WORST Smash Bros Items
    • 2.1 Number 5 (WORST)
    • 2.2 Number 4 (WORST)
    • 2.3 Number 3 (WORST)
    • 2.4 Number 2 (WORST)
    • 2.5 And Now, the Number 1 WORST Smash Bros Item Is!

First, let's get to the Top 5 BEST Smash Bros Items. Let's get to it!

.]] Number 5 (BEST): Fan.

Have you ever wanted to repeatedly slap opponents, but just can't? Well, that's exactly what the Fan is for.

.]] Number 4 (BEST): Red Shell.

Have you ever wanted to repeatedly hit your opponents with a shell, but just can't? Well, that's…

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Spooky Bloo Bloo Spooky Bloo Bloo 5 July 2017

Deleting Pages?

So I'm actually PrimalQwilfish, back from the dead.  I've recently been looking at some of my old stuff, and I'm really not proud of it.  Is there an admin that can help me delete everything regarding Super Smash Bros. Twin Fists and Super Smash World?

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OwtheEdgehog OwtheEdgehog 18 June 2017

SSF2 Beta is out.

Since nobody even bothered to say this, SSF2 Beta is out, and it's rad and godtier perfect.

Might main Bandana Dee or Luigi, or stay with Black Mage or Megaman.

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Subspace Emissary CYOA - Midair Stadium/Skyworld

Go to the regular Smash Bros Wiki to play.

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IncarnateParanoia IncarnateParanoia 16 February 2017

Super Smash Bros Endeavor ~ Announcement Blog

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IncarnateParanoia IncarnateParanoia 16 February 2017

So, I'm here now.

I like Smash, and I like fanon.


Here I am.

...Yo, all. I'll work on my first project relatively soon, I think.

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The shy platypi The shy platypi 12 January 2017

8 Hours Away!

In 8 hours, the Switch event will begin! I'm insanely hype right now and really cannot wait. I know for a fact that we'll be getting more BoTW, the new Mario, Mario Kart, and Splatoon gameplay. I know we'll also be getting some new third-party titles and new Indie games too. Either way, I really, really, really, want to see Smash. However, I guarantee that it's gonna be saved for E3. Unfortunately. 

Anyway, I just made this quick blog to get other people as hyped up as I am. onlytobesorelyletdown

Tell me what you guys expect in the comments!

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The shy platypi The shy platypi 27 December 2016

Literally the most insane leak you'll ever see

So, this just appeared.


I highly recommend reading every single word.

Anyway, I'm going to write about what he said about Smash.

Super Smash Bros Fusion (Both Wii U and & 3DS features, 3DS modes converted to HD, three new fighters including Ice Climbers, YouTube and Twitch Compatable)

First of all, I love that name and every addition stated. Not really much else to say other than it's fundamentally similar to Liam Robertson's leak (only one more character).

The January 2018 convention is also when they plan to reveal the newest entry in the Super Smash Bros series with some major gameplay changes and surprising characters. (Snake reaction all over again, …

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Tonygameman Tonygameman 25 December 2016

Mega Man (SSBB)

':This article is about Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For other uses, see Mega Man.

Mega Man appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Mega Man is ranked 13rd on the current tier list, the top position of B tier.

  • 1 How to Unlock
  • 2 Attributes
    • 2.1 Strengths
    • 2.2 Weaknesses
    • 2.3 Summary
    • 2.4 Moveset
      • 2.4.1 Ground Moves
        • Normal
        • Smash
        • Other
      • 2.4.2 Aerial Attacks
      • 2.4.3 Grabs & Throws
    • 2.5 Special Moves
    • 2.6 Taunts
    • 2.7 Idle Animations
    • 2.8 On-Screen Appearance
    • 2.9 Victory Poses
      • 2.9.1 Victory Music
      • 2.9.2 Loss Pose
    • 2.10 Snake Codec Conversation
  • 3 In competitive play
  • 4 Role in the Subspace Emissary
    • 4.1 Exclusive Stickers
  • 5 Costume Gallery
  • 6 Trivia

Mega Man can be unlocked doing any one of these four tasks:

  • Collect 300 different Stickers
  • Clear 25 Event Matches
  • Play…

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The shy platypi The shy platypi 7 December 2016

Okay, even more rumors

I wasn't gonna make a separate blog for this, but so much more info started flooding in. Liam Robertson started tweeting out that they are going to be making a GameCube virtual console, with, "very safe but strong game choices". 

Aftwerwards, Source Gaming made a new article saying that there would be two Smash games on the Switch. The first being a re-release of Melee via VC. The second one is the Switch port of Sm4sh with combined content of the 3DS an Wii U versions. It will include new content including only two new characters plus all the DLC. Liam Robertson also tweeted that Source Gaming had heard the same things he had.

So, this is all pretty interesting. Two new characters doesn't sound like the perfectionist we all know Sakurai to b…

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The shy platypi The shy platypi 6 December 2016

Smash Switch Info?

So Liam Robertson tweeted this not too long ago. If you guys don't remember him, he was the guy who said that Shovel Knight was supposed to be DLC last October. He and Laura Kate Dale apparently do a bunch of stuff together, and, iirc, he helped Emily Rogers leak Color Splash or smth? I'm not entirely sure how reliable he is. And apparently he's not either.

Anyway, Introspecktive and MasterofHyrule have already made videos about it. I personally don't think this is really big news since Nintendo would practically be forced to releases some kind of new content to get any sales on the game at all. It goes without saying too that since it's a port, it won't have much content.

Does this mean my true waifu will make the cut?

Anyway, sorry I've bee…

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The amazing owen The amazing owen 23 November 2016

To Houston for thanksgiving.

Ok, I'm right now on my Samsung Galaxy just to tell you that I'm going to Houston by plane. I'm currently at the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on the Southwest Airlines Flight 30 plane, which will leave at 9:45 AM.


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Yoyomom Yoyomom 20 November 2016

Characters I wouldn't mind seeing cut in a future Smash

Although a future Smash bros with every single character from a previous iteration would be ideal, I can see the next Smash cut characters. Here are characters I wouldn't mind getting cut in a future Smash bros.

Dr. Mario

Sure having characters that where cut in Brawl is nice, but I think it would be better if Dr. Mario was one of Mario's alternate costumes.

Bowser Jr.

Adding the Koopalings was nice, but I'm not crazy about Bowser Jr.

Young Link or Toon Link

Ever since I saw Link turn into Twilight princess Link in the Brawl opening trailer, I knew Wind waker Link was going to replace Young Link. But instead of calling him Young Link, they call him Toon Link. I prefer it if we got one as an alternate costume for another instead of both.


When …

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