Banjo and Kazooie

This article is about their appearance in Skirmish. For other appearances, see Banjo-Kazooie.

Banjo and Kazooie (Sometimes Banjo-Kazooie) are playable characters (They play as one character) in Skirmish.



Banjo is a brown honey bear, who is one of the two main characters of the series. He has a younger sister named Tooty. He is polite and well-mannered, and is always seen wearing yellow shorts with a belt, a shark tooth necklace, and a bright blue backpack. The backpack usually contains his good friend Kazooie.


Kazooie is a large, red female bird (known as a "Red-Crested Breegull") who is Banjo's closest companion and lifelong friend, although their personalities are quite different from each other's. Whereas Banjo is polite and friendly, Kazooie is loud, sarcastic and rude. This often attracts a considerable amount of trouble for the pair, as Kazooie does not hesitate to make crass statements about even the most imposing figures that the duo encounter, much to Banjo's dismay. Although Banjo often finds himself apologizing for Kazooie's remarks, they almost always find themselves embroiled in dangerous situations simply due to Kazooie's inability to keep her loud beak shut.


Up Smash: Red Rocket

Description: Kazooie launches out of Banjo's backpack, then lands back in again.

Side Smash: Forward Roll

Description: Banjo rolls in the direction you chose.

Down Smash: Bill Drill

Description: a more powerful version of the Beak Buster.

Up Special: Upwards Glide

Description: Like Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive, only it starts off straight and curves upwards.

Side Special: Rat-a-Tap Rap

Description: Banjo jumps slightly and Kazooie pops out and pecks 4 times (very quickly) in front of Banjo.

Down Special: Beak Buster

Description: Banjo jumps in the air and turns upside-down, then Kazooie comes out and they slam on the ground.

Final Smash: Gold Feather

Description: Banjo and Kazooie grab a Gold Feather and then run/fly around the stage invincible.


Banjo & Kazooie's moves are completely offensive, so to protect yourself and defeat him, you need a fairly well balanced character. Also, Banjo & and Kazooie is the 3rd slowest character in the mediumweight class, so you need a fairly fast character.


Entry: They fade into sight on a warp pad.

Up Taunt: Banjo does his trademark "Guh-hoy!" noise and Kazooie nods her head.

Side Taunt: Banjo plays a little tune on his banjo.

Down Taunt: Kazooie lays an egg. People can then pick up that egg and throw it.

Victory Pose 1: Same as the up taunt.

Victory Pose 2: They fly in and crash land.

Victory Pose 3: A Jiggy appears in front of them and they pick it up and put it in Banjo's backpack.



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