Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Banjo & Kazooie solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Banjo & Kazooie.

Banjo-Kazooie (Skirmish) image

Well he's finally back on a Nintendo console. Banjo-Kazooie I thought would make a third-party addition because he...she...they debuted on a Nintendo console, same as Megaman. I'm going with the N64 version I just the boxy new look of the Microsoft version. DAMN YOU BILL GATES!!!


  • Can perform multiple aerial jumps
  • Can Glide
  • Has 2 different dash syles and attacks:
    • If you dash forward (in the direction Banjo's facing), Banjo runs and the dash attack in this form is a rolling attack.
    • If you dash backward (in the opposite direction that Banjo's facing), Kazooie pops out and does the Talon Trot and the dash attack in this form is the Beak Barge.

Standard Moves

Jab/Combo: Claw Swipe: Banjo does an overhead swing with each of his claws in a left-right-left motion, taking a step forward each time. The first two swipes each deal merely 3% and hit stun, with a 3rd stronger swipe dealing 4% with a "huh!" from Banjo that deals a bit of knockback away.

Side Tilt: Peck: Taking about twice as long as a single Claw Swipe, this angle-able Peck from Kazooie starts high then swings forward to deal 5% and light horizontal knockback.

Up Tilt: Wing Whack: Kazooie pops out of the top of the backpack as Banjo does a little hop and swings her wings back and forth with a "Gulllll!". This arcing attack hits 4 times for a total of 12%, with the final hit popping foes straight up with mediocre knockback.

Down Tilt: Beak Barge: From a crouched position Banjo can do a bird-assisted tackle with Kazooie leading beak-first into the fray. Having a notable bit of start up to it, Beak Barge makes up for slowness with power and range. The initial hit just as Banjo lunges deals an impressive 15% and high radial knockback that can kill around 140%. The following lingering hit deals 10% and more horizontally inclined knockback.

Dash: Forward Roll: Banjo rolls across the ground. Forward Roll hits foes diagonally up and away for 8% as Banjo makes contact with them over his platform-long journey.

Smash Moves

Side Smash: Breegull Bash: As he charges, Banjo will reach into his backpack and grab Kazooie by the feet much to her squawking displeasure. Upon release, Banjo slams Kazooie out before him onto the ground with a happy "Guh-huh!" while Kazooie lets out a painful "Bree-guhhh.......". Dealing 16%-22% and very high meteor knockback the moment Kazooie slams down, and 10%-14% with medial radial knockback at any other part of the swing.

Up Smash: Flap Flip: As Banjo charges, Kazooie will use her wings to assist Banjo in doing a high-jumping back flip, allowing them to reach tall heights. At launch, the Flap Flip will deal 13%-18% and directly vertical knockback, and an additional 5%-7% at the ending flip for just hit stun.

Down Smash: Pack Whack: As he charges, Banjo reaches out to grab his backpack and swings it once around. Having Kazooie in the pack adds some punch to the hit, dealing 14%-20% and mid-high diagonally away knockback on each side of the swing. This move can kill around 130%.

Aerial Moves

Neutral: Breegull Roll: While airborne, Kazooie envelops Banjo as they spin twice in the air with a "Ha!" from Banjo before returning to a neutral state. Breegull Roll hits for 12% on the first roll with strong radial knockback that can KO at higher % near the sides, and then lingers for 8% just like Dash Attack, but only dealing what amounts to hit stun.

Forward: Rat-a-tat Rap: Taking barely any time at all, Kazooie emerges and delivers 3 pecks in a random order of high/low/mid. Each peck deals 3% damage for 9% total of hit stun before retreating swiftly back into Banjo's backpack.

Back: Bear Bash: Laying flat out in the air, Banjo kicks both legs back with a grunt as he also pivots slightly as if Sky Diving. Bear Bash deals 13% and pure horizontal knockback.

Up: Lance Peck: Hunching forward, Banjo makes way for Kazooie to rush up out of the backpack to perform a lingering peck upwards like a lance. The initial stab takes barely any time to come out, about 1/10 of a second and deals 12%.

Down: Beak Buster: Banjo flips over and actually rises up about his own height while doing so as Kazooie appears below. Right before the fall, a hitbox appears that will meteor foes touching Kazooie only for 16%.


Grab: Bear Hug: Banjo reaches out with a paw to try and snag anybody in front of him.

Pummel: Peck: Kazooie emerges to peck the grabbed opponent repeatedly for about 3% at a medium rate.

Forward: Burly Hurl: Banjo lifts his opponent overhead with a light "oof", and throws the foe in an arc for 9% damage and light-medium knockback.

Back: Talon Trounce: Tossing the foe behind himself, Banjo crouches as Kazooie appears and performs a shock spring jump at the opponent for 10%. Talon Trounce will KO the foe at 150%.

Up: Egg Aim: Tossing the foe up high for 2%, Banjo crouches down as Kazooie appears to fire a volley of Blue Eggs, each dealing 2% for a total of 6%. Each egg can be aimed slightly left or right by the player.

Down: Bill Drill: After slamming the foe to the ground, Banjo hops up as Kazooie pops out and drills to foe into the ground for 14% worth of multi-hit.

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Blue Eggs: Kazooie fires 3 eggs that travel up to 3 platforms before breaking.
  • Custom 1: Hailfire Eggs: A tap of B will fire an Ice Egg. The Ice Egg traels at half the speed of normal eggs. If it hits the foe, he/she is frozen solid! Holding down B for half a second. On impact, foes are set ablaze.
  • Custom 2: Grenade Eggs: Tapping the B will have Kazooie launch a Grenade Egg. Grenade Egg will explode after 3 seconds or on-contact with the foe.
  • Side Special: Wonder Wing: Kazooie pops out to shield Banjo's front as he charges forward, shedding visible Gold Feathers as they do so.
  • Custom 1: Talon Trot: Kazooie will pop out of either end of the backpack as Banjo leans back and lets her do the legwork. Holding B will allow you to stay in Talon Trot as long as you like.
  • Custom 2: Beak Bayonet: Banjo pulls Kazooie from the backpack and lunges forward.
  • Up Special: Shock Spring Jump: Kazooie appears out of the backpack as Banjo leans back to act as the weight on a large spring before the two launch upwards.
  • Custom 1: Flight: Banjo launches up as Kazooie emerges from the pack to fly around the stage.
  • Custom 2: Beak Bomb: Kazooie will flap her wings sending Banjo and herself high into the air then Banjo scrunches himself up, as does Kazooie and the two explode in the direction inputted on the control stick, leaving a trail of red feathers and sparkles behind them.
  • Down Special: Clockwork Kazooie Egg: Kazooie hatches the Clockwork Kazooie from an Clockwork Egg. Clockwork Kazooie will walk towards the opponent, and detonate upon contact or 6 seconds.
  • Custom 1: Split Up (Kazooie/Snooze Pack): The player will take control of Kazooie when Banjo sleeps to regain health.
  • Custom 2: Split Up (Banjo/Hatch): The player will take control of Banjo while Kazooie hatches a Mystery Egg.

Final Smash: The Mighty Jinjonator: The Jinjonator will emerge from it's statuesque prison with a powerful yawn then levitate to the air, the screen darkening darkening as it spins around for a moment before launching itself into foes! The 5th lunge however has the Jinjonator pause and say "JINJO....." in a low powerful voice before zooming in on an enemy for 40%, sure to finish them off!

Snake Codec Message

Note:Snake has dialed the wrong number and called Bottles by mistake. Bottles converses in the squeaks and sounds from the Banjo-Kazooie games. Snake can't understand him, keep that in mind.


Snake:"Who is this?"

Bottles:"This is Bottles."

Snake:"I can't understand what you're saying. If you can understand me, I need some information about this weird bear who keeps a bird in a backpack."

Bottles:"Oh, the bear is named Banjo and the bird is named Kazooie. They work together as a team and that's why Kazooie rides around in Banjo's backpack, so she's always ready to assist Banjo if he needs it."

Snake:"Uhh...I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number."


Entrance: A Note Door appears and Banjo and Kazooie come through; ready for battle

Taunt #1: Kazooie pecks Banjo's head and Banjo grabs her neck

Taunt #2: Banjo takes out a banjo and Kazooie takes out a kazoo and they play the first few notes on the begining song

Taunt #3: Banjo and Kazooie do their little dance they do when they open a Note Door

Winning Pose: Banjo has a jiggy in his hands and waves it in the air happily...until Kazooie eats it,,,

Losing Pose: Banjo and Kazooie fall in the same position they do when they die

Fighting against Banjo-Kazooie

Get inside and attack at close range. Banjo-Kazooie has limited options at close range, their Wing Whack isn't very strong and thier Beak Buster can easily be avoided. The eggs can be reflected, but they can't begin charging it up if they're attacked. However, Banjo-Kazooie's unique dashing style makes them getting away from you a real possibility. If you're able to back them into a corner, you can effectively nullify the dash escape, and effectively wear them down.

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